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#267: YouTube video by TheNewfoundlandMusic
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Last night as I lay dreaming
of pleasant days gone by,
Me mind being bent on rambling,
to Ireland I did fly;
I stepped on board of a vision
and followed with a will,
And at last I came to anchor
at the cross of Spancil Hill.

Delighted by the novelty,
enchanted by the scene,
Wherein my early boyhood
often I had been;
I thought I heard a murmer
and I think I hear it still,
It's the little stream of water
that flows down Spancil Hill.

To amuse my passing fancy,
I thought I heard the bell
Sound over hill and valley,
each note did seem to tell:
That Father Dan was coming,
his duty to fulfill,
At the parish church of Cluny,
many miles from Spancil Hill.

It was on the twenty-fourth of June,
the day before the fair,
When Ireland's sons and daughters
and all assembled there:
The young, the old, the brave,
the bold in their duties to fulfill,
At the little church of Cluny,
a mile from Spancil Hill.

I went to see my neighbours
to see what they might say,
The old ones they were dead and gone,
and the young ones turning grey;
I met the tailor Quigley,
he was bold as ever still,
Sure he used to make my britches
when I lived on Spancil Hill.

I paid a flying visit to
my first and only love,
She's as fair as any swallow,
gentle as a dove;
She threw her arms around me saying,
"Johnny, I love you still."
Oh, she's Mac the ranger's daughter
and the pride of Spancil Hill.

Well, I dreamt I bent and kissed
her as oft in days of yore,
Saying, "Johnny you're only joking,
as many's a time before."
The cock he crew the morning,
oh, he crew both proud and shrill,
I awoke in Californiya,
many miles from Spancil Hill.

####.... Michael Considine [1850-1873] Irish-born songwriter ....####
This variant recorded by Robbie Martin of Southeast Placentia, a member of the band Polly's Pride (Picture In A Frame, trk#10, 2008, Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL, produced and arranged by Kevin Collins).

A variant was also recorded as The Cross On Spancil Hill by Ryan's Fancy (Irish Love Songs, trk#11, 1982, Boot Records, Mississauga, ON).

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The video below features an excellent solo guitar performance by Jesse Ferguson of Cornwall, ON, Fredericton, NB, and Sydney, NS.

#1584: YouTube video by BardOfCornwall
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