The Shores Of Newfoundland (Pat Casey) videos
#1015: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
©2009 ~ Used with permission ~

The summer sun shone bright that day,
as I stood there on the strand,
My father holding back a tear,
while mother held my hand;
"Son, you know we wish you well,
though we'll never understand,
Why you must roam and leave your home
on the shores of Newfoundland."

My mother's words I scarcely heard,
I was too blind to see,
So full of self-importance
and no fishin' boat for me;
I bent and gently kissed my mom
and shook my father's hand,
While mother cried, I said goodbye
to the shores of Newfoundland.

Through Canada and the Eastern States
I travelled far and wide,
But found the grass looks greener
when you're on the other side;
Then thoughts of home soon filled my mind,
I was a sorry man,
I cursed the day I sailed away
from the shores of Newfoundland.

How often in my boyhood days
down country lane I strolled,
A Newfie girl there by my side,
we'd talk about young and old;
But now I walk these busy streets,
and no one takes my hand,
I miss the friends I left behind
on the shores of Newfoundland.

Today I got a letter from
my poor old mother dear,
Sayin', "Son, your dad is feeble now,
his time is drawing near;
That little girl you used to love
has wed another man,
You'll always have a sweetheart, son,
while I'm in Newfoundland."

Tonight I'm sailing 'cross the sea,
no longer I'm alone,
I look and see the Northern Lights,
I know I'm heading home;
Tomorrow I will greet my mom
and hold my father's hand,
And stay at home, no more to roam
from the shores of Newfoundland.
And stay at home, no more to roam
from the shores of Newfoundland.

####.... Patrick (Pat) Casey [1934-2005] of Torbay, NL ....####
The video above features a recording by Con Parsons of Placentia, NL (Autumn Leaves, trk#12, 2005, produced and arranged by Bill Quilty at Eagle Productions, Southeast Placentia, NL).

The video below features a recording by Pat Morrissey from Cuslett, NL, on a compilation album of various artists (St Bride's-Cuslett Come Home Year '99, trk#11, 1999 CD, Come Home Year Committee, produced by Kevin Collins at Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL).

#2299: YouTube video by NLTreasure
©2013 ~ Used with permission ~

The video below features a live acapella performance of a variant by Pat Dohey of St Bride's, NL. and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

#1016: YouTube video by banana8you
©2009 ~ Used with permission ~


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