Bring Your Blueberries To Job's Store
(Johnny Burke)
(Sung to the air: O What Can The Matter Be)

Bring your blueberries down to Job's Store,
for ready cash they pay,
The men are always in the field
to grab a box today;
They are watching for the berries,
and all are in their place,
To buy up every berry from
Clarke's Beach to Harbour Grace.

Come along with the ponies and berries today
For we are all ready the best price to pay;
And one hundred bright dollars we have galore,
For the best lot of fruit
that you bring to our store.

The winter months are drawing near
with bitter winds and snow,
Then if you want your winter stock,
Job's is the place to go;
A barrel or two of Native Flour,
the housewives say it's grand,
On sale at T & M Winter's,
the best flour in Newfoundland.

There should be no starvation,
but money in galore,
The blueberries now are numerous,
bursting through your kitchen door;
A basket or a washing tub
will easy do the trick,
If you only have the energy
the berries for to pick.

So now slip on your overalls,
and at the business face,
And a lot of nimble fingers
they will soon clean up the place;
There is money in the berries,
and why don't you try it now,
It's money in your pocket
if you only have the how.

And mind, a hundred dollars
they are giving for first prize,
If you never need the money
it will keeps you in Bullseyes;
Or you may go to the movies,
or the latest ones that speak,
And bring along Sophia
on her night off, once a week.

You will find no empty cupboards
in our harbour homes today,
While Job's are buying berries
and the highest price will pay;
Get a hustle on the children
and start them on the road,
And a roll of crisp five dollar bills
they'll bring to your abode.

Then help along poor father,
who is feeble and is old,
And try and get his bottle
as the winter nights are cold;
And mother, too, may like a root,
while you are out in town,
And a drop of Johnny Walker
when her organs are run down.

####.... Johnny Burke [1851-1930] of St John's, NL ....####
Published in Burke's Popular Songs, page 12, 1929, Long Brothers, printers, St John's, NL.

Also published in Burke's Ballads, pp.21-22, c.1960, compiled by John White and archived at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Libraries, Centre For Newfoundland Studies - Digitized Books collection.

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From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Root - stiff drink; a shot.

Excerpted from The Evening Telegram May 24, 1892:
Native Flour - was demonstrated by specimens provided by Governor O'Brien that the colony can produce wheaten flour of a nutritious and good quality. Sweet and palatable, the flour is somewhat dark, but the grain was raised under the adverse circumstances of last summer's cold weather, one of the coldest for years.

Excerpted from Heritage Newfoundland:
Sir Marmaduke George Winter [1857-1936] along with his brother Thomas [1848-1930], created one of the largest provision firms in Newfoundland, T&M Winter Ltd. The firm was able to survive a series of disasters in the 1890s, including the Great Fire of 1892 that destroyed their headquarters. The firm also survived the Newfoundland Bank Crash that followed two years later which plunged the island into a serious economic depression. After enduring these disasters, the company began to thrive. It expanded into other fields, including the supply of sealing vessels, exporting codfish and operating a fire insurance agency. Outside of his business concerns, Winter played a leading role in the Newfoundland Patriotic Association and helped to build a military hospital. For his efforts, he was knighted in 1923.

Old Time Candy Bull's Eyes - William A Goetze started the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company in 1895. Goetze was one of the pioneers in the chewing gum business and may have been the first to produce bubble gum. By 1915 a caramel product called Chu-ees were being manufactured in the Goetze factory. Chu-ees were packaged and wrapped in a fashion similar to chewing gum. Goetze's Caramel Creams were introduced in 1918. The name explains exactly what the product was (and still is): a caramel jacket with a pure sugar cream center. Caramel Creams really caught on, and the gum-making part of the business was gradually phased out. In 1950 the name of the company was changed to the Goetze's Candy Company.


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