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Jolly old Saint Nick had to buy a thousand brick,
To build himself a chimney Christmas Eve;
But he couldn't build it right
when in the middle of the night,
He called me out of bed and said:
"Ho, Ho, Ho, Harve!

"We need you up here at the north pole,
I'll send down Rudolph right away;
The power's gone for two days and it's some cold,
The elves won't finish off their work
unless you come today."

I took four bags of cement
and way up north I went,
As fast as old Rudolph would run;
We built the chimney high,
it almost touched the sky,
And the old stove started banging like a gun.

Now when you go out at night
and you see those Northern Lights,
And you hear the snap and crack you think is frost;
It's just Santa chopping wood
for the fireplace I built,
And the flankers are the lights that shine so bright.

And I looked it up there at the North Pole,
Helping out old Santa Claus with the deed;
So he could be here Christmas Day
with his reindeers and his sleigh,
And we wish you all a merry, merry Christmas.
We wish you all a merry, merry Christmas.

####.... Harve Bishop [b.1949] of Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Harve Bishop (Merry Christmas To You From Me, trk#8, 1990, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL).

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From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Flankers - live sparks from a wood fire; burning embers.


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