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I've travelled this country over
from sea to shining sea,
Saw the beauty of the Rockies
in picturesque BC;
Saw the wheat fields of the prairie,
Ontario's Niagara Falls,
On down to La Belle Province
and historic old Montreal.

Saw the tide falls of New Brunswick,
the Halifax Citadel,
Then to Prince Edward Island
where the spuds they grow so well;
Of the places that I've mentioned,
there's one more dear to me,
It's the village of Port Rexton
in Newfoundland by the sea.

It's the birthplace of my true love
who left when just thirteen,
To be raised up in Toronto
where the two of us did meet;
And that's why we come down here
to show our children three,
The playground of their daddy
in our haven nearby the sea.

Sometimes while just out walking,
down to the wharf I stroll,
And listen to the old-timers
spin their yarns of long ago;
There were Randells, Butlers and Baileys,
Moodys and Penneys back then,
All mainstays of their outport,
hard working and God fearing men.

They talked of summers fishing
down on the Labrador,
And how they set their cod traps
all along the rugged shore;
Or how the town would turn out
to paint the church and the school,
They are God's finest people,
they lived by the golden rule.

For cousins Albert and Minnie,
they've been so good to me,
Like the morning we went fishing,
saw the sunrise from the sea;
And later on that afternoon
the boat tied to the stage head,
Up to their house for a mugup
and some of their homemade bread.

Well, our working days have ended,
and retirement we accept,
We talked this over and over,
we'll make one final trip;
Right back here to Port Rexton,
and no more will we roam,
We'll live here in peace together
till the good Lord calls us home.
We'll live here in peace together
till the good Lord calls us home.

####.... Fred Northcotte [1938-2010] ....####
Recorded by the Bay Boys with guest vocalist Maureen Howard (Down Home Favourites - Volume 2, trk#9, 1986, Bay Boy Records, St Catharines, Ontario, recorded at Rainbow Studios, Niagara Falls, Ontario).

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On a personal note: Fred Northcotte passed away on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, at the age of 72 from complications due to colon cancer. His sufferings have ended and the good Lord has called him home.


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