It Couldn't Happen Here (Simani) video
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The sun is brightly shining,
the sky is azure blue,
Little children laugh and play
like happy children do;
Mister Jones and Missus Jones
relax out on the lawn,
The world is picture perfect
till the evening news comes on.

Spoken:   And shows....

Sun so brightly shining,
a sky of azure blue,
One thousand people died today,
tomorrow there'll be two;
Children cry in hunger
like only starving children can,
Their tears the only rain that falls
in this God forsaken land.

Could it ever happen here?
Oh Lord, it couldn't happen here;
Seems it's always somewhere over there,
Say it couldn't happen here.

Somewhere the peace is shattered
and gunfire fills the air,
A child lies broke and bleeding
but there's no one left to care;
Armoured trucks just tow away
the grass on Jones's lawn,
How could this ever happen
to our quiet little town?

Could it ever happen here?
Lord, it couldn't happen here;
Seems it's always somewhere over there,
Say it couldn't happen here.

Yes, hope and pray
we'll never see the day,
That it ever happens here.

####.... Simani ....####
Recorded by Simani on a compilation album by various artists who performed at the Ethiopia Relief Fund Concert (They're Only Human, You See [Just Like You And Me], trk#6, 1986, produced and recorded at JSR Studios, Gander, NL).

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Excerpts from a 2001 press release with comments by Paul Cantor, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Lewis Perinbam Award in International Development:

Mr Bernie Gilmore, a health professional working at the London, Ontario, Health Sciences Centre, answered the call for emergency assistance to Ethiopia in 1984. He went first as a member of the Kinsmen African Medical Relief Team, which worked in central Ethiopia establishing Camp Bete and saving thousands of lives. He had an idea about reforestation, displayed the leadership to inspire people in Ethiopia and Canada to do something about it, and then he had the skill to convert the idea and the enthusiasm into a sustainable contribution to development. He went home to found Future Forests, an organization committed to planting trees in Ethiopia - and to finding the financial support and forestry know-how to succeed.

Today, through the tireless efforts of Bernie Gilmore and the volunteer Board he chaired, Bete Valley has been transformed from a parched, barren landscape to a lush land where more than 400,000 trees have been planted. The London Free Press reports that clean water facilities have been established, a profit-making grinding mill has been built, gardening projects are underway, and adult literacy and health education classes are being taught in a school sponsored by Future Forests.


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