Lookin' Out The Cove (Pat Towell)

Oh, I hear make an' breaks a-runnin',
Stutterin' on in the early morn;
And I smell fish an' brewis a-cookin',
As I fill my lungs with that sweet salt air.

For I'm home, just another day a-livin',
Skippin' some rocks from the shore of the cove;
And I see fishermen a-workin',
Haulin' their nets in the clear of day.

Oh, God will give an' take a life b'y,
I pray that he keeps me here;
'Cause I know sure to Christ for certain,
This is where I wanna' be.

Standin' here, lookin' out forever,
Watchin' as the boats come in;
By and by they will endeavor,
Till the rocks grow old with age.

####.... Pat Towell of Newfoundland, Alberta and New Brunswick ©2008 ....####

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Brewis - sea-biscuit or 'hard tack' soaked in water and then boiled; such a dish cooked with salt cod and fat pork.

Note: Make-and-break - popular and enduring marine engine, in use since the early 20th-century. It could withstand getting wet and could be repaired with a coat hanger and a pair of pliers.


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