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Now, friends, there is a story that
I know that I should tell,
About a bunch of sealers
that I know so well;
Early in the month of March
to the ice fields they would go,
To get the skins and seal meat
in the winds so bitter cold.

They started at the break of dawn,
one bibby for the day,
And with a gaff and a little grub
they started on their way;
While the ladies were home waitin'
to cook up this great meal,
For they were lookin' forward to
a lovely feed of seal.

Well, the men returned that evening
with a smile upon their face,
They had all been lucky and
the feed they all could taste;
About one hour later,
all the people in that town,
Were washed up and ready
at the table to sit down.

A short time thereafter
the whole town was asleep,
The place was dark and lonely,
not a sound out in the street;
One by one the lights came on,
the whole town was aroar,
Such sounds of groans from everyone
I never heard before.

One mad rush to the outhouse,
some into the trees,
Some were up upon the rocks
down on their hands and knees;
The 'jamas blowin' in the wind,
it was the strangest sight,
And some just laid there in the bed
and screamed with all their might.

Down at the supermarket,
send an order up by phone,
We have a great disaster
out here in every home;
We're out of bathroom tissue,
and the worse is yet I fear,
So send out fifty cartons
and a load of underwear.

So listen to my story and
I know that you will see,
Whenever you eat seal meat
take this advice from me:
Don't eat too much the first time
or else you might regret,
With feed like this you'll have
a night I know you'll not forget
With feed like this you'll have
a night I know you'll not forget.

####.... Ellis Coles. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Dave & Aubrey (Bartender's Sweetheart, trk#7, 1980, Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville, NL, distributed by RCA).

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From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Bibby - small tin kettle with large flat bottom tapering to the top and with a long narrow spout; piper. Kettle used for boiling water on an out-door fire.


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