Two Locks Of Golden Hair (Gordon Sheppard)
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I stepped into a bar one night
in a place in Newfoundland,
To have a beer to pass the time
and listen to the band;
As I sipped slowly from my glass
I gazed around the hall,
There's not one person here I know,
so I guess I'll just move on.

So when I finished off my beer
I started for the door,
I saw an old man at a table
sitting by the washroom door;
There was something strange about him,
his hair was snowy white,
You could see the pain upon his face
shining through the dim view light.

I stood aside his table,
his tears mixed with his smile,
Do you mind if I sit down, sir,
and talk to you awhile?
As I sat down I noticed by his
feet there on the floor,
A real old fashioned fiddle
like you've never seen before.

He leaved his hand, I shook it,
his grip firm and secure,
Said, I couldn't help but notice
your fiddle on the floor;
Oh, won't you play a tune for me?
Fiddle music I adore.
"I haven't played that fiddle, boy,
since nineteen forty-four.

"I haven't played that fiddle
and I know you wonder why."
As he told me his story
the tears flowed from his eyes.
"I'm going to show you something
no one else has seen I swear."
Tucked inside that fiddle case
were two locks of golden hair.

"I played with a band once
a long, long time ago,
We were on our way to Corner Brook
to do a Newfie show;
A new tune I had written
that had never seen the light,
So I asked my wife if she would drive
while I tried to make it right.

"As we drove along the highway
on that moonlit winter's night,
In the back seat I did practice
to try and make that new tune right;
We hit a slippery patch of road,
my wife just lost control,
I felt a bump, I heard a crash,
then the car just left the road.

"I came to sometime later
and this is what I'd seen:
My wife and daughter they were dead
in that crumpled up machine;
I pulled them from the wreckage,
they lay dead there on the ground,
So I cut a lock of golden hair
from each one's precious crown.

"I placed them in that fiddle case
and made a vow to God above,
On this earth no more I'd ever play
as a token of my love;
That's why I can't play that fiddle, boy,
I hope you'll understand,
That you might be with me here today
or by the skids of one night stand.

"But we'll meet someday in heaven
up around God's golden throne,
And I will play that fiddle
just like in the days of old;
I'll give them back their golden locks
and they'll smile through their tears,
Oh to know I had a part of them
that I carried through the years.
Oh to know I had a part of them
that I carried through the years."

####.... Gordon Sheppard [1928-2001] of Harbour Grace South, NL ....####


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