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One yellow tooth that stuck out through
that's hardened by the wind,
A weathered face so well engraved
by time's own steady hand;
Eyes half closed from staring
at God knows how many morning suns,
He turned the pad on the stone where he sat -
today he's eighty-one.

Through fading eyes he watches
young men waste away their time,
And he knows they're sick of searching
for the work they just can't find;
Then he goes down through the ages
to when he was young and then,
He whispers, Lord, please take me back
to them good old days again.

Take me back to the hard times,
back in them good old days,
People were proud of working,
though a little was the money they made;
I guess I'm still old fashioned
but I know the things have changed,
But take me back to the hard times,
back in them good old days.

Well, the kids all waved as the old man
gazed a grin from ear to ear,
And he wondered what their future held
in another twenty years;
'Cause the way the things are going
it's enough to break anyone's heart,
As a woman and a man put a ring
on their hand another family falls apart.

He remembers how he struggled
to make a living from the sea,
And the woman who stood beside him
and loved him patiently;
And when he'd come home she'd be
waitin' alone, sitting by the stage,
They'd worked along together -
ah, them was the good old days.

On weakened legs he wobbled
up the stairway to his home,
He laid down on the patch-quilt bed,
he knew his time had come;
As she held his hand he reaches out
and wiped a teardrop from her eye,
In the wisdom of his eighty-one years,
it was his last goodbye.

I want to go back to the hard times
and them good old days again,
And I want you right beside me,
the way you've always been;
I know that we've grown older,
but I love you in the same old way,
Take me back to the hard times,
back in them good old days.
I wanna go back to the hard times,
back in them good old days.

####.... Wince Coles ....####
Recorded by Wince Coles (I Want To Be A Working Man Again, trk#9, 1985, WinBern Productions, Kilbride, NL, produced by Nick Fleming and recorded at JSR Studios, Gander, NL).

Also recorded by Ellis Coles (Laughter And Tears / Ellis & Wince Coles, trk#6, 1996, published by Wince Coles, Topsail, NL).

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