The Mountie And The Moonshine (Ray McLean)
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©2010 ~ Used with permission ~

There's a little town called Island Cove,
not far from Harbour Grace,
It is nestled in Conception Bay,
which seems the proper place;
The women there are happy,
the men are just the same,
They would do most anything
just to play a game.

The place it is all rock and stone,
you won't find tree or log,
One man sent to the States
for a stick to beat his dog;
One day a mountie drove in there,
the weather it was fine,
He was lookin' for a man he said
who was runnin' off moonshine.

An old man sittin' on a rock,
a-lookin' out the bay,
Whispered to the mountie,
and this to him did say:
The man who makes the moonshine here
is tall and very slim,
I wouldn't want the folks to know
that I informed on him.

The mountie said, God bless you, sir,
no one will ever know,
As soon as you reveal his name,
out of here I'll go;
The old man lit his pipe and smiled,
and puffed that smoke so blue,
The man who makes the moonshine here
makes the sunshine, too.

####.... Leo McCarthy - Ray McLean ....####
Recorded by Ray McLean with The Newfoundland Showband (All Aboard For Newfoundland, LP, trk#7, 1973, Marathon Records, Toronto, ON); and (All Aboard For Newfoundland, CD, trk#7, 1989, Heritage Music, Scarborough, ON).


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