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Twelve months have passed now
once again it's that time of the year,
We set around the Christmas tree
and oh what songs we hear;
Stories 'bout the gifts we bought,
of cookies that were made,
But no one seems to mention
Santa's big old bag.

Now, Santa's bag is different
from most other bags I know,
At Christmas it ain't empty,
no sir, it is chock full;
The one thing that we're proud of
and it's sure good news to hear,
Santa's bag's still growin',
it gets bigger every year.

What would we do at Christmas
if Santa's bag was small,
There would be oh so many that
would get no gifts at all;
But Santa gives a gift
to every woman, child and man,
So, let's be thankful Santa got
the biggest bag in Newfoundland.

Now Missus Claus she made 'em all,
she sewed 'em seam for seam,
She said the worst about it,
it's a job to keep 'em clean;
It's always full of candy,
and she has to scrub and scrub,
For weeks on end old Santa's bag
lies soakin' in the tub.

When I see Santa at the mall
in that big ol' chair,
I love to touch his whiskers,
that long and snow-white hair,
That big ol' shiny buckle
on the big black belt he made,
But the one thing I love most of all
is Santa's big ol' bag.

Now on the mainland I have heard
they call it Santa's sack,
But here in Newfie it's a bag,
and he carries it on his back;
And he fills it up with Christmas love
and oh what joy he'll make,
Yeah, Old Saint Nick we love you,
your reindeer, sleigh and bag.
Yeah, Old Saint Nick we love you,
your reindeer, sleigh and bag.

####.... Ellis Coles ....####
Recorded by Ellis Coles (My Gift To You / Ellis & Wince Coles, trk#3, 1994, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL, published by Winelco, Carmanville, NL).

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