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Here's a story of a fellow who lives next door to me,
His name is Rich Loach and it happened in '53;
He came home from workin' and he had quite a load,
He was workin' out in Lewisporte, tarring the road.

He came home to see Mary and his wee kiddies two,
Walked in the door and he smelled the home brew;
Sittin' at the table was his young brother Dan,
A smile on his face and a drink in his hand.

"Well, what's that you're drinkin',"
said Rich with a grin,
"Sit down, me b'y, and have some Japanese gin;
It's one nipple good, will cure all your ills,
You'll have no cause for doctors and all of their bills."

Well, they had a few drinks, a few stories they told,
The days at the ice and the wind and the cold;
After they drank another one down,
They thought of the spuds
that were still in the ground.

Well, the spuds must come out before the first frost,
If not, they would spoil and the crop would be lost;
He went to the barn and he opened the stall,
To haul in the spuds he would need his mare Moll.

Now, Rich and Dan were digging up
the spuds that were there,
Started to feel their legs gettin' queer;
Rich said to Dan with a silly old grin,
"Let's have one more drink of that Japanese gin."

Well, they towed up two barrels
and they had lots of trouble,
Counted up four - they were both seein' double;
They loaded old Moll, to the cellar they started,
Then Mary gave a yank, and with that she darted.

Well Richie fell down, and Dan he did, too,
Moll she kicked over, and the spuds how they flew;
Then the boys' father came out through the door,
He looked at the mare and he started to roar.

Now poor old Moll she was caught in the tree,
Both Rich and Dan they were down on their knees;
Caught in the bushes 'cause she was pretty stout,
And Rich yelled to Dan, "B'y, she'll never get out!"

Now the boys sobered up later on the next day,
Thawed out the spuds that were frozen in clay;
Rich looked at Dan and he said, "It's a sin,
We lost all our spuds from drinkin' that gin."

Come all you good people who dig spuds in the fall,
Let this be a lesson to you one and all:
Make sure you're sober before you begin,
And boys, stay away from that Japanese gin,
'Cause you can't dig potatoes while drinkin' that gin.

####.... Dick Nolan ....####
Recorded by Dick Nolan (Happy Anniversary Newfoundland, trk#6, 1974, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Jack Feeney); and (Best Of Dick Nolan, trk#4, 1977, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario).

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From Princeton WordNet Search:
Queer - curious, funny, odd, peculiar, rummy, singular; beyond or deviating from the usual or expected.

From Wikipedia:
Lewisporte - town in central Newfoundland with a population of 3,312. It is situated close to the mouth of the Exploits River with an excellent port and related facilities that serve the many communities along Notre Dame Bay. Gander and its international airport are thirty minutes east on the Trans Canada Highway. Grand Falls-Windsor, a 45 minute drive west on the Trans Canada Highway, offers all the conveniences of a major centre. Twillingate is a 75-minute drive north of Lewisporte on Route 340. After the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, Lewisporte hosted several hundred air passengers whose planes were forced to land at Gander. In subsequent press reports, the passengers praised the citizens of Lewisporte for their concern and hospitality.


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