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The warship had landed and I came ashore,
The fighting was over for me evermore;
For I had been wounded, they left me for dead,
With a stone for my pillow and snow for my bed.

The enemy found me and took me away,
And made me a prisoner of war so they say;
But God in his mercy was with me one day,
The gate was left open and I ran away.

I returned to my old home, my sweet wife to see,
The home I had built for my darling and me;
The door was left open and there on the stand,
I saw a picture of her and a man.

The clothes she was wearing told me the sad tale,
My darling was wearing a new bridal veil;
I found a letter and these words I read,
"Missing in Action" - she thought I was dead.

So I kissed her picture and whispered good-bye,
My poor heart was breaking but my eyes were dry;
I knew it was too late for her now to learn,
I knew she must never know I had returned.

A vagabond dreamer forever I'll roam,
Because there was no one to welcome me home;
The face of my darling no more will I see,
For "Missing in Action" forever I'll be.

####.... Arthur Q Smith ....####
This variant was recorded in 1952 by Ernest Tubb [1914-1984] American singer and songwriter, 1965 Country Music Hall Of Fame inductee.

From Ernest Tubb: The Texas Troubadour by Ronnie Pugh, Duke University Press, 1998:
In the early 1950s, Arthur Q Smith (Knoxville's James Arthur Pritchett) wrote and recorded this song, but its sales had peaked. Owing to his penchant for selling his best songs for ready cash, Smith's name almost never shows up on country record labels. When Ernest Tubb chose to cover Jim Eanes' Blue Ridge record of Smith's Korean War ballad, Missing In Action, Smith's name actually appeared on the release. It had not, however, been listed on Eanes' Blue Ridge record, which was actually a big regional hit.

This variant recorded by The Moonshiners of St Anthony, NL (Music From The Heart / The Moonshiners, trk#6, 1991 Cassette, Independent, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

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The variant below was recorded by Whitehorse (The Ship That Never Returned, trk#8, 1987, LP, produced by Percy Cutler and recorded at Echo Studio, St John's, NL).

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A variant was also recorded by Kevin Walsh of Marystown, NL (The Baccalieu Girl, trk#13, 2000 CD, produced and engineered by Kevin Walsh, Marystown, NL).

Another variant was recorded by Tony Sexton of St Anthony, NL (Tony The Red - The Newfoundland Viking, trk#2, 2000 CD, manufactured by SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL, and recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleroram, NL).

A variant was also recorded by Wilson J Jacobs of St John's, NL (I Am A Sailor Man, trk#6, 2011 CD, engineered and produced by Craig Young, and recorded at Craig Young's Studio, Paradise, NL).


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