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I'll tell you a story of four Newfoundlanders,
A story that's true but it's hard to believe;
There was an old timer and three young companions,
They hunted for moose but a shock they received.

It happened one wet, snowy day in December,
From Grand Bank they walked in the woods a long while;
When two moose were spotted the young men went forward,
The old timer stayed back, some hot tea to boil.

They crossed a small brook and surrounded the victims,
One man fired two shots and they fell right away;
He then cut their throats and the others came running,
One slapped the hind quarter, "It's our lucky day."

At the largest animal then they looked closely,
Pressed downward and smooth were a long tail and mane;
"By gosh, 'tis a horse!" cried our hunters in wonder,
They inspected the corpses, then checked them again.

When they reached the old timer, he would not believe them,
They found he'd consumed all the food and the tea;
He just didn't think that his friends were so stupid,
"What horse is in you? There's no horse, see" said he.

But soon they convinced him, great was his amazement,
"We'd better report this," he said with a frown;
"You don't know a moose from a horse," his lips trembled,
He thought to himself all the way back to town.

The story soon spread of this terrible blunder,
The four men became quite embarrassed, of course;
So when you are hunting big game in the country,
Be sure that you're shooting a moose, not a horse.
Yeah, be sure that you're shooting a moose, not a horse.

####.... Ronald G Noseworthy ....####
This variant recorded by Jerry Eli (Newfoundsongs of Newfoundland, 1973 LP, trk#8, Matador Records, Toronto, ON, recorded at Eastern Sound Studio, produced by Bobby Munro and Jerry Eli).

Liner Notes: Born Eli Lee in Grand Bank, NL, Eli gave up a teaching career and travelled to Toronto where he turned down an offer to play professional soccer so he could enter the field of country music. In 1970, after recording under the name Jerry Lee, he went with Marathon Records and changed his name again to Jerry Eli.

From the Newfoundland Labrador Soccer Association Hall Of Fame:
Eli Lee was inducted into the NLSA Hall of Fame in 2002. Great accuracy, exceptional speed and amazing power were the trademarks he possessed on the goal-scoring shots that highlighted his nine-year senior soccer career. The talented GeeBee from Grand Bank earned a lasting reputation for being able to score from seemingly long distances and kick very hard shots from any angle or position. He was, and still is, credited with owning a blazing shot that provided continuing problems for opposing goalkeepers.
A winger with speed and excellent ball control abilities, Eli Lee played a major role in the success that Grand Bank enjoyed from 1954 to 1962. In fact, he led the GeeBees to very well earned Burin Peninsula senior soccer championships in 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960 and 1962. Facing extremely tough opposition on the Peninsula, Lee was the main weapon for a club that was very competitive every season and claimed six championships.
Eli Lee carried his fine soccer skills into provincial senior championship play for Grand Bank and, as it was in Burin Peninsula competition, played a major role in the three Newfoundland and Labrador titles earned by the GeeBees in 1958, 1960 and 1962. He was especially effective in the 1960 rush to the gold, scoring two goals in each of back-to-back games, including two against a powerful St Pat's team in the championship encounter. His 1960 performance, which included 12 goals in seven games, earned him the Most Valuable Player award as Grand Bank took the title over a hosting Corner Brook entry.
One of a large group of top-level soccer players who came out of Grand Bank in the 1950s and 1960s, Eli Lee made a lasting impression on soccer within a relative short career. Moving to Toronto in 1963, he switched his talents and interest to music and enjoyed success for nearly 40 years as a singer and entertainer.


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