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Everyone's feeling Christmas cheer,
the kids are at their best,
No one doubts that Santa will come,
the doubt would be a jest;
But up around the North Pole
it's not the way it should be,
Santa's bundled in his bed
with a fever of a hundred and three.

Sarah Claus wiped Santa's brow
as he moaned, "This will never do.
All the children will be waiting.
I'm in a heck of a stew."
Sarah said, "You just lie still,
there's something I've got to say.
I have a little surprise for you
that'll take care of Christmas Day."

Sarah! Sarah Claus, she'll save the day.

"The days that you were out,
building toys with your elves,
I went to reindeer driving school,
trying to improve myself;
I passed my driver's training course,
on the test I got an A,
The license I now hold says,
I can drive a sleigh."

Santa was amazed.
Soon, the twinkle came back in his eyes,
Could it be true that Missus C
could make this famous ride?
He watched her as she donned his clothes,
the elves filled up the sleigh,
And when the reindeer were all hitched up
she shouted, "Up! Up and away!"

Grownups dream of peace on earth,
children dream of toys,
Every home is filled with love,
every heart's a joy;
All the kids around the world
think Santa's on his way,

Sarah! Sarah Claus, she'll save the day.

Time had passed and Santa was worried.
"It's almost daylight," he moaned,
I know that Sarah will do her best,
but can she do this job alone?"
All at once came a sound,
sleigh bells and a voice in the wind,
"Come on Dancer, come on Prancer,
in a flash Missus C drove in."

She opened the door,
shook the snow from her coat,
and gave Mister C a big grin,
Santa smiled as Sarah said,
"Let Christmas begin!"
He wrapped his arms around her.
She said, "Now don't you fret.
You can't believe the fun I've had.
It's a Christmas I won't forget."

Sarah! Sarah Claus, we saved Christmas day.

####.... Nicholas Amodio Sr, John Covert and Michael T Wall ....####
Recorded by Michael T Wall and his daughters, Sarah and Sabrina (Christmas Memories, trk#24, 1985, Down Home Records, Pickering, Ontario); and (45 rpm single, A Side, 1986, Country Wide Records).

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