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The chill of the cove where the north wind
Bites at the snowdrifts piled high;
An old fisherman sets a-whittling,
Thinking of his only boy.

He has grown a lot in the past year,
Another year or so he'll be a man;
He'll pick up the work of his father,
Then with a sigh, looks to his hands.

Poor fisherman's son has no choice,
No time for learning in school;
Such conditions of life are harsh, boy,
Mother nature's rules are so cruel.
Mother nature's rules are so cruel.

Just work to keep the fire burning,
There's another storm in the sky;
Springtime is quickly approaching,
Another fishing season draws nigh.

Make ready the codtraps for trapping,
All troubles must be put aside;
Make ready the fish flakes for spreading,
For our fish must be salted and dried.

In sailing ships and dories,
Take up the open sea;
Leaving familes back home to pray to God,
To bring them back home safely.
Oh, bring them back home safely.

It's a scene from 1907,
With some of the trials of man;
Of manys a fishing village,
On the shores of Newfoundland.
On the shores of Newfoundland.
On the shores of Newfoundland.

####.... Reg Brown from Burin and Corner Brook, NL ....####
The video above features a recording by Reg Brown (Boil Up Time / Reg Brown With Driftwood And Friends, trk#8, 1988, Driftwood Productions, Corner Brook, NL, recorded at Driftwood Studios, Corner Brook, NL).

From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Flake - platform built on poles and spread with boughs for drying cod-fish on the foreshore.


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