Fishermen Of Newfoundland (Tom Brushett Jr)

In the name of God of the government here,
What's happening to our fishery
in Newfoundland this year?
Half of Newfoundlanders are starving to fish,
When there are thousands of foreigners
taking all they can get.

Why are the foreigners fishing on our grounds,
When there are children going hungry
in our cities and towns?
I'll bet you them foreigners their children are fed,
But we can't seem to get that
through our government's head.

The foreign were fishing in our waters each year,
But the government in Ottawa
they don't seem to care;
What is it that they're trying to do,
Take away our pride and our livelihood, too?

Through no fault of their own
the fish is now stressed,
And it gets worse and worse
with each passing year.

The fishermen of Newfoundland
they've had a hard time,
For God's sake stand up, folks,
and let's draw the line;
For ourselves Newfoundlanders
there's enough to go around,
If we just drive them foreigners
off of our fishing ground.

So come on, boys, stand up
where it's stand up and count,
Let's show the government what we're all about;
To have a great province like ours can be,
And all we are asking for is our fishery.
And all we are asking for is our fishery.

####.... Thomas (Tom) Brushett, Jr ....####
Recorded by Just Around The Corner (Changing Times, trk #10, 1998 CD, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL, produced by Everett Farwell and recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

Just Around The Corner is Thomas (Tom) Brushett, Jr: vocals and rhythm guitar; John G Stewart: accordion; Sim Savory: bass, lead, arrangements.


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