Two Little Shoes (Dick Gardiner) video
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Two little shoes that she wore on her feet,
I'll keep them as my souvenir;
And each night while I kneel by my bedside to pray,
I know that she's watching up there.

God took her away when she was just three,
A sweet little girl with gold hair;
But we understand all the heartache He caused,
For He needed an angel up there.

I look in her room where she used to sleep,
And fancy I'll see her once more;
But she will not appear though I hold her so dear,
And the two little shoes that she wore.

Someday I'll meet her in heaven, I know,
Up there on that bright golden shore;
And she'll run to my arms and she'll ask me, I know,
For the two little shoes that she wore.

####.... Dick Gardiner of Labrador City, Labrador ....####
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