That Ole Newfie Bullet (Gerald Payne)
Karaoke Parody
#1745: YouTube video by PayneGerald
©2010 ~ Used with permission ~

Look a-yonder comin',
Comin' down that railroad track;
Hey, look a-yonder comin',
Comin' down that railroad track;
It's that ole Newfie Bullet,
Bringin' my baby back.

Well, I'm going down to St John's,
And get some fine St John's girl;
Or maybe, on to Port aux Basque,
And get some fine Port aux Basques girl;
I'll ride that ole New Bullet,
And lose these Corner Brook blues.

"Say man, when you going back to St John's?"
"When am I goin' back to St John's?
I don't know, don't reckon I ever will."
"Ain't you worried about getting
your nourishment in Port aux Basque?"
"Oh, I don't care if I do-die-do-die-do-die-do-die."

Hey, talk about a-ramblin',
She's the fastest train on the line,
And talk about a-travellin',
She's the fastest train on the line;
It's that ole Newfie Bullet,
Rollin' across Newfoundland.

####.... Gerald Payne ....####
Gerald Payne's karaoke parody of Johnny Cash's original Orange Blossom Special, with backing music by Karaoke Planet (Karaoke Version In the Art of Johnny Cash, trk#3, 2010, Karaoke Planet LTD, Volume:2).

NOTE: The Caribou, colloquially referred to since World War Two as The Newfie Bullet, was a passenger train operated by Canadian National Railways (CNR) on the island of Newfoundland from 1898 to 1969. It was the longest narrow gauge railroad in North America.


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