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Last night I dreamed I took a trip
up in the deep blue sky,
And everyone up there looked sad
as if they were gonna cry;
And then I asked a gentleman
who was trying not to weep,
Well, we're havin' court for them two boys
who stole Aunt Martha's sheep.

Oh, we walked up to a building
with walls of solid gold,
And when they opened up the door
a sight I did behold:
It was the strangest audience,
some were white and some were dark,
At first I thought that I was in
a room in Noah's Ark.

Well, the judge came out and took a seat
with his gavel in his hand,
He hit the table, then he roared,
"Witness on the stand!"
Then I saw the strangest thing,
it almost made me laugh,
For up there in the witness stand
was the old cow and her calf.

She started tellin' her story
about that fated night:
"I heard somebody comin'
and then I saw the light;
As they were gettin' closer,
well I could hear them laugh,
And all at once I realized
they were out to steal my calf.

"I stood there waitin' for them
as they came into my pen,
One short hook of my two arms,
they turned around again;
We listened as they walked away
and then went back to sleep,
I guess as they were leavin'
they musta grabbed the sheep."

Aunt Martha was the next in line
to sit upon the stand,
She told us of her lovely sheep
she reared from just a lamb;
Little was their supper since
their mother said goodbye,
Aunt Martha sat there cryin'
as the teardrops filled our eyes.

And then in walked the Mountie,
in the stand he took his place,
Slowly looked around the room,
a smirk upon his face;
He said that he received the word
a thief was on the loose,
But he was sure to the day he died,
the meat he ate was moose.

And then at last the moment came,
we all jumped in our seats,
For sittin' there in the witness stand
was Aunt Martha's sheep;
We were all shocked to see her
and we knew it was a ghost,
We thought of the meat the Mountie did eat
and the piece we had to roast.

And then she told a story,
it almost broke our hearts,
She spoke about her little lambs,
from them she had to part;
She said, "These boys were out for fun
and didn't have a care."
And then she slowly pointed,
"That's them. They're sittin' there."

Well, the judge rose up from his seat
with sorrow in his eyes,
At first he looked at Aunt Martha
and then he looked at the boys:
"What makes men do things like this
I'm sure I'll never know,
I sentence you to twenty years
in the hot place down below"

To any of you who heard this song
who plan to steal a sheep,
I suggest you go out to the store
and buy yourself some meat;
For you may fool the Mountie
and you can tell a lie,
But you'll have to face the charges
in the courtroom in the sky.

####.... Ellis Coles/Dick Nolan ....####
Recorded by Dick Nolan (Happy Newfoundlanders, trk#6, 1973 LP, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Jack Feeney).

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