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The first day I saw him I'll never forget,
Downtown on the sidewalk where we first met;
On a small wooden stand by the Old Timer's bar,
He was singing a song, strumming along,
On an old flat top Gibson guitar.

His tall, weary frame showed long years of neglect,
And his pride had been buried beside his respect;
Recalling the day pushed his memory too far,
But when all's said and done,
he was second to none,
On that old flat top Gibson guitar.

On warm summer's evenings,
when hours were mine,
I'd be down there with him from seven till nine;
A boy of twelve years dreamed of being a star,
So he taught me to play in his own special way,
On that old flat top Gibson guitar.

We grew as close as father and son,
Yet we knew that the time
for the parting would come;
And then came the night he was not by the bar,
I felt so alone that I cried going home,
For him and that old flat top Gibson guitar.

My mother was standing by our garden gate,
Pointing out to a car leaving dust in it's wake;
Your friend came by, she said, in that old car,
And he left on the lawn what you wanted so long,
An old flat top Gibson guitar.

Ten years have gone by, and I'm up with the greats,
I traveled all over the United States;
And I searched every crowd, but with no luck so far,
I wonder where could he be, and does he see me,
Still playing that old flat top Gibson guitar.

####.... Patrick James (Pat) Maher [1933-2004] of Grand Falls-Windsor, NL ....####
Recorded by Lloyd Snow (Sing Me An Old Country Song, trk#4, 2005, published by L Snow, Blaketown, NL).

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