Inlaw's Song (Junior Walsh)

There's another big wedding in store for tonight,
Our brother is marrying a girl we don't like;
So wait till they move in with our dad and mom,
I'll tell you, me boys, there'll be some going on.

One sister says with him she don't belong,
Another one simply don't want her around;
One of the boys speaks up with a grin,
If him it's you meet then she won't be with him.

There's all going ons about our inlaws,
They'll take all the blame no matter the cost;
They never can be good enough for our own,
We'd rather see Johnny leave Mary alone.

But Johnny loves Mary so much he refused,
To stand by his family and see her abused;
So he'll move away then they'll be on their own,
He'll leave all his brothers and sisters at home.

Now there's one little reason for writing this song,
Some inlaws, like outlaws, just can't get along;
They're worried that one is liked more than the rest,
But we're all the same on our dad's and mom's list.

Have faith newlyweds just like first when you met,
But take time for your inlaws to find the assets;
You and your loved ones are the new family,
But as sure as there's heaven you'll learn to agree.
Yeah, sure as there's heaven you'll learn to agree.

####.... Junior Walsh of Marystown, NL ....####
This song was recorded by Junior Walsh (A Letter To Mom Up In Heaven, trk#7, 2000, published by Junior Walsh, Marystown, NL, and recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

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