A Letter To Mom Up In Heaven (Junior Walsh) video
#966 YouTube video by StayleyAllen
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It's been awhile now, Mom, since you left us,
And I know you would like me to write;
This song is for you up in heaven,
How I'd love to be with you tonight.

I'm sorry you left us so soon, Mom,
I guess that was all in God's plan;
But I wish I had been there beside you,
To hold on to your loving hand.

My Dad says he'd love to be with you,
And he misses you more every day;
We're trying to see that he's happy,
As he journeys along life's highway.

Your grandchildren all say hello, too,
And they miss you each day after school;
They miss the good Sunday reunion,
When we'd all go to see Dad and you.

Your flowers you planted are blooming,
Dad waters them each day or two;
He touches and cares for them gently,
Because they remind him of you.

I'm still singing songs with my friends, Mom,
As you wanted me always to do;
I can still feel you right there beside me,
When I sing the songs I wrote for you.

Say hi to your friends there in heaven,
And praise me as you've always done;
Show them this song I wrote for you,
I'm singing it, love from your son.

I'm writing this song as a waltz, Mom,
You kept time so well when I sing;
All around the dance floor with Dad, Mom,
You two were a heavenly scene.

Yes, Mom, it's been lonely without you,
But I'm sure we will see you again;
We know you're a star up in heaven,
And free from all heartache and pain.

I think I'll be closing my song now,
For I could be writing till dawn;
To someone as special as you, Mom,
There's no work too sweet or too long.

Goodbye and God bless you, dear Mother,
I love you, from your loving son.

####.... Junior Walsh of Marystown, NL (A Letter To Mom Up In Heaven, trk#10, 2000, published by Junior Walsh, Marystown, NL, and recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL). .... ####
The video above features an excellent cover performance by Stayley Allen.

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