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In nineteen eighty-three, the first of July,
In Holyrood Harbour we lost our oil;
The refinery was scrapped, they took her apart,
To all the hard workers she was quite a loss.

Come By Chance she was shut down,
It didn't take long for to put her on ground;
Golden Eagle's another that's just about boiled,
We hope she will build up when they bring in the oil.

Now the platforms are goin' all around our shore,
One in Harbour Grace everyone knows for sure;
Now Peckford is going his job to secure,
We hope he will put one on Holyrood shore.

Farther out on the shore I heard someone say,
They might even put one up Robin Hood Bay;
And when the elections come rolling around,
We'll think of the platform they put on the ground.

Now the two famous ports we must not leave out,
Our Newfies will work there to make things work out;
Argentia we know it's a wonderful place,
There's money to come to put food on our plate.

And farther along our Newfoundland shore,
We know Come By Chance
they're strong that's for sure;
Now I'll end my story by saying goodbye,
And we hope things will work out
for Newfoundland oil.
Yes, we hope things will work out
for our Newfoundland oil.

####.... Jerome Cole ....####
Recorded by Jerome Cole from Chapels Cove, NL (Memories Of Home, trk#6, 1988 cassette, Independent, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL, and manufactured for SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL).

From Wikipedia:
Come By Chance Refinery (also known as North Atlantic Refinery) - crude oil refinery located in Come By Chance at the head of Placentia Bay on the Isthmus of Avalon in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It has a refining capacity of 115,000 barrels per day (18,300 m3/d). It is operated by North Atlantic Refining, owned by Korea National Oil Corporation, and is one of the biggest employers in the province. The refinery was built by Shaheen Resources in 1971-1973, and operated in 1973-1976 until the bankruptcy of Shaheen. The refinery was restarted in 1986 by Newfoundland Processing Ltd. In August, 1994, the Vitol Refining Group purchased the refinery and the operating company North Atlantic Refining was founded. In October, 2006, Calgary-based Harvest Energy Trust purchased North Atlantic Refining for $1.6 billion, and in October, 2009, the company was purchased by Korea National Oil Corporation.
Golden Eagle - in the late 1950s, Golden Eagle (Ultramar) Oil Refinery Ltd, was created on the shores of the south side of Conception Bay not far from the town of Holyrood on the Avalon Peninsula, at the bottom of Conception Bay. This facility covered an area of about 80 acres (320,000 m2) and took over two years to construct. When completed it employed about 75 full-time workers as well as many part-time and seasonal workers. Over the years the refinery flourished and expanded from its initial capacity of 70 barrels a day to over 15,000 barrels a day by the mid 1970s. The workforce brought many new residents and families to the community, but the refinery became one of the casualties of the economic downturn in the oil industry in the early 1980s. The processing capability was discontinued at that time and the facility used for storage of products refined elsewhere.
Alfred Brian Peckford (born 1942 in Whitbourne, Newfoundland) - served as the third Premier of Newfoundland and leader of the Progressive Conservatives (Tories) from 1979 until his retirement in 1989.


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