Mom's Picture On The Wall (Wayne S Morgan)
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℗2011 ~ Used with permission ~

On the wall of my home there's a picture,
Of someone who is very dear to me;
Each time I look upon her face
her love now I recall,
I gaze up at the picture
of my mother on the wall.

God knows it wasn't easy,
the hard times that she had,
But through it all she made it
with the love she got from Dad;
As I look back at my childhood
there's so much that I recall,
I look up at the picture
of my mother on the wall.

Yes, my mom sat by the window
and she looked out o'er the bay,
Wonderin' where my father was
out on Conception Bay;
She's the sweetest mom that ever was
and her memory I recall,
I see my mother's smiling face
in that picture on my wall.

Now, my mom raised seven children,
five girls and two boys,
I was the last to come along,
Mom's second baby boy;
Her days were never easy,
and her burdens never small,
I'll never lose those memories
while her picture's on my wall.

Now, that dreaded thing called cancer
came callin' one sad day,
Mom went to be with Jesus
in the Master's own bouquet;
She's a flower blooming brightly,
and I'm sure she's growin' tall,
A rose in God's own garden
sits in a picture on my wall.

Now, Mom, I can't forget you
as I journey through this life,
You gave us all a happy home,
as a mother and a wife;
And I hope this little tribute
will be one that stands out tall,
All because I saw your smiling face
in the picture on my wall.

####.... Wayne S Morgan ....####
This original song was written and recorded by Wayne S Morgan, the singing fisherman of Port de Grave, NL (Pops Little Man, trk#6, 2011, recorded and mixed by Kevin Collins at Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL, published and distributed by Wayne S Morgan).

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