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A short time ago I turned sixty-five,
They say I was over the hill;
I had the shivers, I went to the doc,
And my doc he put me on the pill.

Now I'm telling you I got some start,
But believe me if you will;
Three hundred dollars I gave the drug store,
And I made me way home with me pills.

There's long ones and short ones,
green, red and brown,
And one for the pain in me head;
The square one I take to put me asleep,
And the blue one gets me out of bed.

There's one for arthritis, bursitis and pain,
That I get in me arms and me knee;
I got a long white one I look at real hard,
To put where no pill should be.

Take one for my liver, my kidneys and heart,
A ringed one so's they don't make my pee;
A little round white one I put under my tongue,
For the gas when it happens to me.

My old bathroom cabinet looks like a drug store,
With pills as far as can reach;
Some of them don't seem to cost very much,
And others cost ten dollars each.

There's pills when I'm hyper, pills when I'm down,
Pills to keep me real still;
Some that I take without eating food,
No room for the food, just the pill.

There's a little brown one that makes me real nice,
A black one puts me in the rest;
I haven't got one to help me most,
For when I breaks out in the sweats.

I'll live forever, a year and a day,
With those pills I'll have a long wait;
I have one to take on the day that I die,
For Saint Peter at the pearly gate.

All of these pills won't help me out,
For when it's all said and done;
Now I don't take any and that's the good news,
For all these ills I have none.

####.... Maxwell F Sharpe ....####
Ronnie Rose recorded this song on his fourth album Tribute To Jamie Murphy , trk#4, 2004, published by Ronnie Rose of Mount Pearl, NL, recorded at Eastern Star Productions, and dedicated to the memory of Jamie Murphy and all the other men and women who risk their lives for our freedom. Ronnie Rose: vocals/rhythm guitar/accordion; Charlie Hutchings: lead guitar/rhythm guitar; Junior Reid: keyboards, synthesizer; Ed Lear: fiddle; Bob Wiseman: bass guitar/harmony.

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