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On April the first, two thousand and ten,
Was the day that God brought me Pop's little man;
And the pride in my heart that was locked up inside,
Had suddenly brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I watched him each day as he grew by the pound,
Wished in my heart I could have him around;
But CFB Shilo is now where he lives,
His mom and dad share the joy that he gives.

He's a dear little boy with a beautiful smile,
That can only be captured on the face of a child;
And each day he's growin' just as fast as he can,
And I'll always love him 'cause he's Pop's little man.

I see him on Skype, sometimes night after night,
And long in my heart just to hold him so tight;
He came to see Pop at Christmas this year,
They had him decked out in his Maple Leaf gear.

Now my heart filled with pride when I saw my grandson,
And Caleb, my boy, you're Pop's special one;
The days are so short now, and the nights seem so long,
Pop's got some time to sit and write you a song.

Now he's everything that money can't buy,
And there's no dollar value on Pop's pride and joy;
So keep that big smile on your face when you can,
'Cause here in my heart you're still Pop's little man.

Yes, here in my heart you're still Pop's little man.

####.... Wayne S Morgan ....####
This original song was written and recorded by Wayne S Morgan, the singing fisherman, of Port de Grave, NL, and is the title track of his 9th album (Pops Little Man, trk#9, 2011, recorded and mixed by Kevin Collins at Sawyer Hill Productions, published and distributed by Wayne S Morgan).

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CFB Shilo (Canadian Forces Base Shilo) - Operations and Training base of the Canadian Forces, located 35 km (22 mi) east of Brandon, MB. During the 1990s, Canadian Forces Base Shilo was also designated as an Area Support Unit, which acts as a local base of operations for south-west Manitoba in times of military and civil emergency.
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