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I just closed another chapter
in the book of life and learned,
Yet another story's over and the final pages turned;
But I still have a picture, to her memories I cling,
With this little golden token,
my mother's wedding ring.

I can still recall her wishes before she went away,
Said, "This little ring I cherish
that I want for you to take;
And promise me you'll wear it
until your story's told,
Then pass along to someone dear
this little band of gold."

There it is - just a simple wedding band,
That my daddy placed with love upon her hand;
Back when they were young and paid no mind,
To what might the future bring.
Yes, a lifetime story's hidden
in my mother's wedding ring.

I now look at it and wonder
'bout the stories it could tell,
Of the good times and the hard times
in sickness and in health;
The hands that rock the cradle
with such tender love and care,
And when the day was over
gently folded up in prayer.

These hands that gladly welcomed,
so sadly waved goodbye,
Wiped away the tears of laughter
and when tears of grief were cried;
Held the babies to her bosom
and touched the hurt away,
If this ring could only speak to me
I know what it would say:

When your finger wears this little band of gold,
There's a lifetime's worth of memories it holds;
And though she's gone to heaven
you still hold your mother's hand,
Like it was only yesterday
when you wear her wedding ring.
Yes, a lifetime story's hidden
in this tiny wedding band.

####.... Bud Davidge ....####
Recorded by Bud Davidge (Black And White, trk#10, 2009 CD, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, and distributed by Tidespoint, St John's, NL).

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