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Well, I've always been a fisherman
since the day I finished school,
I got my Captain's Ticket,
and I tried to learn the rules;
Well, every day out on the water
DFO would get their man,
'Cause I tried to make a living,
I was always a wanted man.

Wanted man in St John's Harbour,
wanted man in Biscay Bay,
Wanted man out on the Grand Banks
as the Cowley came my way;
Wanted man up in Trepassey
and wherever it is I am,
I'm like a trouble magnet
and I'm always in a jam.

One trip we went out fishin'
with the permits that we had,
The wind was really blowin',
and the weather it was bad;
When the weather finally settled,
and we got a trip for fish,
DFO came calling, stuck it all under arrest.

Wanted man out on the water,
wanted man up on dry land,
I gotta make a livin', and do the best I can;
Wanted man up on the South Coast,
wanted man in 3NO,
It seems that I'm in trouble wherever it is I go.

I'm drivin' on the highway and I'm in a ninety zone,
Cops will try to get me, even when I'm driving slow;
There's a sixty zone in Badger,
and they hide there when they can,
They know they're gonna get me wherever it is I am.

Wanted man just west of Gander,
wanted man in Lewisporte,
Wanted man way out in Deer Lake,
wanted man in Isle aux Morts;
It seems that trouble finds me wherever it is I am,
No matter how I try, I'll always be a wanted man.

In the Fall we went moose huntin',
way down north in Area Two,
Jumped up on the Quad and went to get me bull;
But the wildlife they came calling
just inside by woody hill
Now they wanna take my rifle
fore my licence I can fill.

Wanted man in Codroy Valley,
wanted man in Stephenville,
Wanted man in Baccalieu Tickle,
wanted man on Signal Hill;
Wanted man in Rocky Harbour,
wanted man in Fleur-de-Lys,
Wanted man in New West Valley,
wanted man in Trinity.

Wanted man in Fogo Island,
wanted man in Twillingate,
Wanted man in Bonavista,
wanted man in old Salvage;
Wanted man down in St Anthony,
wanted man down in Whiteway,
Wanted man way down in....

####.... Wayne S Morgan ....####
This original song was written and recorded by Wayne S Morgan of Port de Grave, NL (Pops Little Man, trk#10, 2011, recorded and mixed by Kevin Collins at Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL, published and distributed by Wayne S Morgan).

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¹ 3NO - one of several management areas in the southern Grand Banks designated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), the federal government department responsible for the protection and management of fish stocks and their habitat.
² Cowley refers to the Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Leonard J Cowley which was built in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is used for fisheries patrol enforcement in the Newfoundland and Labrador Region. The vessel is named after Newfoundland biologist Len Cowley, who later became assistant deputy minister of Fisheries and Oceans. Mr Cowley was the Newfoundland regional director general from 1974 to 1981. Before his death in 1982, Mr Cowley had dedicated 22 years to the department.


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