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At the mall, at the Babylon Mall,
Where the sun don't shine and the rain never falls;
Don't gotta think about nothin' at all,
You can dance all day to the music in the walls,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall.

You can drink your coffee from a plastic cup,
Spill it on the floor and never have to wipe it up;
Wander through the stores and spend your money,
Hang out by the takeout and find yourself a honey,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall.

Canaries by the fountain in a gilded cage,
A push button organ anybody can play;
Cash and carry credit card consumer craze,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall.
Parking's free at the mall.

At the mall, at the Babylon Mall,
Disappear in Woolco without a trace;
Buy it, take it home and then throw it away,
Cash and carry credit card consumer craze,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall.
Pay to pee at the mall.

You can wander through the stores
till your feet are flat,
Buy a head of lettuce or a baseball bat,
An electric guitar or a color TV,
Ride up and down the escalator for free,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall.

Where the sun don't shine and the rain never falls,
Don't gotta think about nothin' at all;
You can dance all day to the music in the walls,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall,
At the mall, at the Babylon Mall,
At the mall, come on down to the mall.

####.... Jamie Snider of Wonderful Grand Band ....####
Originally recorded by Wonderful Grand Band with lead vocals by Tommy Sexton (Living In A Fog, trk#7, 1981 LP, Grand East Records, St John's NL, produced by Declan O'Doherty, and re-released on CD in 2007).

The Wonderful Grand Band made up this parody song and the name of the mall. To this day, people in St John's still refer to the Avalon Mall with its more than 140 stores and services on Kenmount Road as the Babylon Mall.

The video above features an episode from The Wonderful Grand Band's phenomenal hit CBC TV series of the early 1980s which changed the face of Newfoundland culture, and garnered a cult audience across Canada. (The Best Of Wonderful Grand Band, Volume 1)

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From Wikipedia:
Thomas (Tommy) Sexton [1957-1993] - Canadian comedian born in St John's, NL, he was the youngest member of the Canadian comedy troupe CODCO from Newfoundland, best known for a sketch comedy series which aired on CBC Television from 1987 to 1992.

Educated in St John's, he was an honours student before quitting after Grade 10 to pursue an acting career in Toronto. After briefly working on a children's touring theatre show, he landed his first television role in the drama series Police Surgeon. Sexton and colleague Diane Olsen subsequently wrote Cod On A Stick, a comedic play which launched CODCO.

In 1975, Sexton took a brief sabbatical from CODCO to study at the Toronto Dance Theatre. He subsequently returned, working on other shows with CODCO and subsequently touring with colleague Greg Malone in two co-written works, The Wonderful Grand Band and Two Foolish To Talk About. In 1985 and 1986, Sexton and Malone wrote and performed in a series of television specials for the CBC, called The S and M Comic Book which in turn led to CODCO landing its own series in 1987.

After CODCO's run concluded in 1992, Sexton and Malone wrote and starred in a CBC television special, The National Doubt, satirizing the constitutional debates of the early 1990s. Sexton subsequently wrote a semi-autobiographical film, Adult Children Of Alcoholics: The Musical, which was in production in November 1993 when Sexton, who was openly gay, fell ill due to complications from AIDS. He died on December 13 of that year.

Malone subsequently campaigned for HIV and AIDS education in Sexton's memory. Tommy's sister, filmmaker Mary Sexton, produced a documentary film about him, Tommy... A Family Portrait, in 2001.

In 2002, along with Malone and their CODCO co-star Andy Jones, Sexton was a posthumous recipient of the Earle Grey Award, the lifetime achievement award of Canadian television's Gemini Awards.

The Tommy Sexton Centre, a new assisted housing complex for people living with HIV and AIDS, was opened in St John's in 2006.

CODCO - founded as a theatrical revue in 1973, CODCO drew on the province's cultural history of self-deprecating Newfie humour, frequently focusing on the cod fishing industry. The troupe's name was an abbreviation of Cod Company. Following the end of CODCO, two of the troupe's core members and an occasional guest collaborator, as well as some of their sketch characters, moved on to the new television series This Hour Has 22 Minutes.


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