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A crew of Newfie fishermen,
Sailed out and left the shore;
To fish again on the Grand Banks,
Where they often fished before.

It was in the cold and winter time,
They bid their families adieu;
Asked them to say a prayer each night,
For God to see them through.

They say they got a marvelous catch,
Which down below was dealt;
And they got the Blue Mist ready,
For their happy journey home.

But then they met a raging storm
And the ocean wave did turn;
And she became a block of ice,
From the stem down to the stern.

And oh, they must have worked and toiled,
In raging sea and wind;
And the captain knew, likewise the crew,
They'd never see home again.

Now the ship, The John McDonald,
With her captain and her crew,
Was quickly called into action,
For the ship was overdue.

Likewise the Search and Rescue,
They flew from day till night;
But the Blue Mist and her noble crew,
They were nowhere in sight.

And shortly, two days later,
The evidence it was found;
And another drag boat tragedy,
Struck home in Grand Bank town.

Their wives and all their little ones,
Forever left to cry;
'Cause brave men off the ocean,
Are with their God on high.

####.... Jim Griffin and Albert Dean ....####
Recorded by Albert Dean (Newfoundland Blue Mist, trk#1, 1970 LP, Dean's Enterprises Ltd, Carbonear, NL, produced and engineered by Ben Weatherby.

The Blue Mist II Disaster occurred February 17, 1966. Sadly, all 13 crew, ranging in age from 21 to 63, drowned.

'No Hope' For Vessel, Crew Of 13 (February 23, 1966):
Grand Bank, Nfld. (CP) - The fishing trawler Blue Mist II was given up for lost yesterday, the presumed victim of savage winter weather in the Gulf of St Lawrence.
The vessel and her crew of 13 Newfoundland fishermen were believed lost under similar circumstances to the sinking seven years ago this month of her sister ship Blue Wave, which went down with 16 men under the combined weight of a full cargo of fish and heavy ice caked by freezing spray.
"There is no further hope," said a spokesman for Bonavista Cold Storage Ltd, owners of the 13-year-old Blue Mist II, which fished out of this south coast community.
The company advised the families of the crew last night that they should hold out no hope for the men. However, a massive air-sea search - involving six planes and seven ships - was to continue today.
Hope was dashed yesterday when three of the trawler's four dories were found within 25 miles of her last reported position. Two were overturned and the third smashed to pieces.

From Ernest Taylor of Grand Bank, NL, via facebook:
The crew of the Blue Mist: Captain Stewart Price; Angus Hillier; John Miller and Max Miller; Clyde Vincent; Clarence Power; William Myles; Percival Myles; Absolom Dodge; George Mayo; George Banfield; Graham Rogers; and James Pardy. All except James Pardy, lived in Grand Bank.

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