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Bell Island boy, you left your life behind you,
Left all because you felt the urge to roam,
To change the dreams that
came to you in childhood,
To change the dreams that
took you far from home.

But when you left you carried something with you,
The music of your homeland in your soul;
You made the world aware
of where you came from,
Though fame and fortune never was your goal.

The music that you loved was in your bloodstream,
And when you played and
sang the songs you knew,
You gave your best if there were few or many,
Because the music was a part of you.

Bell Island boy, you found a new life waiting,
Far, far away where you roamed;
Put your heart and soul into your music,
And gave the world the songs
you learned back home.

Then you walked down the path
to fame and fortune,
You sang your song and you were on top shelf;
You found the thing most people only dream of,
But then you found you couldn't be yourself.

You gave up the life most only see and fancy,
And chose to be someone you knew you were;
But to all the friends and fans
who knew and loved you,
For years forever more will be a star.

Bell Island boy, your island home remembers,
The native son left the isle to roam,
Who nevermore will ever see Bell Island,
Who's resting now a long, long way from home.

He's resting now a long, long way from home.

####.... Chuck Simms from Grand Bank, Burin Peninsula, NL ....####
Recorded by Chuck Simms as the title track on the Harry Hibbs tribute album (Bell Island Boy, trk#1, 1995 CD, produced by Marty Hibbs); and (Home Ties, trk#11, 1997 CD, Condor, Scarborough, Ontario).

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This album was formerly A Musical Tour Of Ireland, the last complete tape Harry Hibbs released. It was selected as the very first Harry Hibbs CD. The album had three additional selections added to the original tape with this song being the only one not sung by Harry Hibbs. It was decided that this would be a perfect album to release as a special limited edition of 1000 CDs to raise money for the Harry Hibbs Memorial Park scheduled to open on Bell Island in July of 1995. There were only 1,000 copies of this recording pressed in CD format.

A variant was recorded by Keith Fitzgerald on a compilation album of various artists (Newfoundland Saturday Night - Volume 2, trk#16, 1999 CD, Heritage Music, Ontario).

A variant was also recorded by Reg Crane (Old Country Favorites / Reg Crane, Clayton Kennedy, trk#6, 2000 CD, Independent, St John's, NL).


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