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When I was just a young boy
I'd walk along the shore,
The ocean gave me souvenirs
you can't buy in a store;
I'd bring them all home to our house
and Ma, she give me hell,
Like the time I brought back a rotten squid
and, man, what an awful smell.

I remember once in the early morn
I ran down to the sea,
I saw a seagull on the beach,
lookin' very cross to me;
I picked up a rock and I let her trip
and I struck it in the head,
And it turned a couple of figure eights
and the darn thing lay there dead.

I picked it up and I took it home,
I said, Ma, look what I got,
And before too long she had it cleaned
and a-cookin' in the pot;
I felt so proud I jumped for joy
and I couldn't wait to eat,
When it was cooked we all sat down
and I knew I'd get the feet.

It sure taste good that seagull stew,
and man, was it ever great,
I ate till I couldn't eat no more,
then Ma, she brought out the cake;
I said, no thanks, I'm much too full,
I can't eat another bite,
But man, oh man, was I ever sorry
just before daylight.

Well, I got a cramp right in my gut
and I knew I had to go,
I had to make it to the old outhouse
through the darned old blinding snow;
With my shorts half on and one leg in my pants,
I barely made it to the door,
I didn't have time to sit on the seat,
so I went all over the floor.

Now the moral of this story is,
if somebody invites you,
To sit down at the table and have a meal or two;
Think kindly, friends, 'fore you accept,
you know what you must do,
Well, you know what happened to me, my friends,
stay away from seagull stew.

Charlie the seagull, man, it tasted great,
Watch out the next morning,
make sure, don't lock the gate;
'Cause the first thing when you wake up,
I'm sure you'll have to go,
Sometimes it's hard to make it
to the outhouse through the snow.
Yes, sometimes it's hard to make it
to the outhouse through the snow.

####.... Gerald (Gerry) James Formanger [1939-2001] of Stephenville, NL ....####
Recorded by Gerry Formanger (Side By Each, trk#11, 1982, Country Records, Milliken, Ontario, recorded at Comfort Sound by Doug McClement).

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