Funny, Funny Dad (Ellis and Wince Coles) video
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He staggered up the driveway,
she opened up the door,
He was home drunk again
like other times before;
A little girl stood by a chair
and laughingly she said,
"Mommy, I can see him,
funny, funny Dad."

She picked her up, she kissed her,
she knew she did not know,
Daddy was the reason why
her feet was bare and cold;
Whiskey had a-taken
every penny daddy had,
But yet she loved him truly,
her funny, funny dad.

One day he came home from work
so very drunk, of course,
First he staggered, then he fell
across her rocky horse;
As she stood among the broken parts
of the only toy she had,
Saying, "Daddy can't ride horsey,
Mom, funny, funny, Dad."

Her mommy's eyes filled with tears
as she saw her baby there,
In a dress worn, old and torn,
her feet so cold and bare;
She did not have the pretty things
that other children had,
Because it cost too much to have
a funny, funny dad.

A crash was heard, and silence came,
yeah it was his fatal day,
The truck driver was not to blame;
no, he staggered in his way;
The little girl ran, she saw him there
beneath the wheels and said,
"Sir, can I play hide and seek
with you and funny Dad?"

I told her that her dad had
gone to heaven for to stay,
That God He needed him up there
so He took him away;
She said she understood Him,
and she knew that God was glad,
To have someone as sweet
as her funny, funny dad.
To have someone as sweet
as her funny, funny dad.

####.... Ellis Coles of Carmanville, NL ....####
Recorded by Ellis and Wince Coles (Alive An' Kickin, trk#7, 1997 cassette and CD, Winelco, Carmanville, NL).

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Also recorded by Dave Pike and Aubrey Sweetapple - Dave & Aubrey (Bartender's Sweetheart, trk#8, 1980 LP, Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville, NL, distributed by RCA).

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