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Another short hour we wait for the tide,
Then the troop ship will take me
away from your side;
And ask me to leave you for I'll miss you so,
There's a cruel war a-raging and I'm called to go.

As we sit on the park bench I gaze at the sky,
And watch as the fall clouds go scurrying by;
I see the big maple as she sways to and fro,
And the beautiful splendour
of the green leaves and gold.

I ponder my future with you by my side,
For the love I have for you no words can describe;
Don't tell me I leave you, I know you'll be true,
And when it's all over, I'll come back to you.

Now the convoy is ready, and the ships are to go,
To take off to Europe to where we don't know;
We'll fight for our country and the ones we love so,
For we love our homeland where
the green leaves turn gold.

Well, the time passes slowly, and the war rages on,
The fighting continues through day, night and on;
To see my old comrades
when my wanderings delight,
Until they're all of us, we try to provide.

As I lay in the trenches and write to my love,
For an end to this war I pray to God above;
To get me home safely and to start a new life,
And you as my sweetheart to be my dear wife.

With our backs to the ocean the fighting was tough,
For God only knows we have suffered enough;
This young kid is blowed and the struggle declines,
On the beaches of Dunkirk I lost both my eyes.

The small boats are present,
they took us from there,
To old Mother England for optical care;
Then on to my homeland to my beautiful blonde,
She had heard my misfortune
I write through our song.

Now the days are so lonely and I miss that man,
As I walk through the park with a cane in my hand;
The wind through the trees so softly did blow,
But now I can't see them,
the green leaves turn gold.

####.... Fred Northcotte ....####
Recorded by Bay Boys (Down Home Favourites, trk#4, 1985 LP, Bay Boy Records, St Catharines, Ontario, recorded at Rainbow Studios, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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