How Far Can A Little Girl Fall (Terry Kelly) video
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She laid her head on the bar,
Watching tiny little stars dance around
in front of her eyes;
He cried on her shoulder,
Sat there and told her sad stories
and pretty white lies.

And if not for that one indiscretion,
It would have been an uneventful day;
If not for that single obsession,
Things would never have gone that way.

But she had one last drink
and she didn't think twice,
In fact, she didn't think at all;
My, my, how far can a little girl fall?

Oh, they walked out of the bar,
she climbed into his car,
And they drove to somewhere deep in the night;
Where she slipped off her ring
and the rest of her things,
And he switched off the tiny dome light.

She fell back in his arms
without the slightest alarm,
Forgetting everything her mama once said;
And just for a moment in the back of her mind,
The tiny picture came and went in her head.

Oh, she remembered a man
who was waiting at home,
And a baby barely learning to crawl;
My, my, how far can a little girl fall?

At six fifteen the baby woke up at home,
And the crying shook her daddy awake;
At a quarter to seven he made the decision,
He thought he'd never have to make.

Then at eight forty-five
that girl came back to life,
In the back seat of a fancy car;
To a world of disgrace and a smile on the face,
Of some stranger from a downtown bar.

At nine o'clock she put the key in the lock,
Just a little too late to explain;
She took one minute more
before she opened the door,
She went over her story again.

Well, the child and the man
were both long, long gone,
And the note said, Goodbye, and that's all;
My, my, how far can a little girl fall?
Oh-oh-oh-oh, my, my, how far can a little girl fall?

####.... Ron Hynes ....####
This variant recorded by Terry Kelly (Face To Face, trk#3, 1988 CD, Attic Records Limited, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Declan O'Doherty for All Hands Music, executive producer: Gun Records Inc. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved.

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