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Come, gather 'round me, children,
and a song to you I'll sing,
About the way it used to be
huntin' in the spring;
The government since passed a law,
you can't do it no more,
And if you should get caught at it,
they'll lock you up for sure.

When ice began to break up
in the springtime of the year,
Just off Northwest River
a big hole would appear;
And soon the air was filled with birds,
oh what a pretty sight,
As ducks and geese filled up the pond
and called all day and night.

Canoes were promptly launched;
on each one there was a blind,
'Twas laid across the gunnels
which hunters hid behind;
Everything on board those boats
was camouflaged in white,
Our jackets and our caps were too;
we were a wondrous sight.

And here's the very reason
why everything worked right,
Birds thought the boats were chunks of ice
and didn't take off in fright;
So stealthily we'd paddle
and get ourselves up close,
Then we'd let go our shotguns
and give those birds a dose.

It used to be such great sport
and quite the challenge, too,
To see how close that you could get
before they spotted you;
Those good old days are gone now
in this part of Labrador,
There's no more huntin' in the spring,
no dressin' in white no more.

####.... June Baikie [1941-?] of St John's and Northwest River, NL .... ####
Recorded by June Baikie (A Celebration of Heritage : Songs of Labrador / June Baikie and Kelly Russell, trk#7, 1992 cassette, Pigeon Inlet Production, Ltd, produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Kelly Russell).

Liner Notes: June Baikie, one of four daughters of Dora and Ted Russell, moved from her home of St John's to Northwest River, Labrador as a young schoolteacher, where she married and raised a family. These songs were written to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Town of Northwest River in 1993. Her brother, Kelly Russell, is a musician and music producer in St John's.

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From Our Labrador:
North West River - central Labrador's oldest community, formerly known as Fort Smith, located on the shores of Lake Melville, at the mouth of Grand Lake. A year round trading post was established here in 1743 by Louis Fornel, a fur trader and merchant along the major travel route for the inland fur trade. The Hudson Bay Company set up a trading post here in 1836.


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