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(Cod Jiggin' Song)
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While working one year, my money I sove,
So I could go fishing down to Winters Cove;
Next spring I was ready, I left the old sod,
I went down the coast just a-looking for cod.

I bought a new jigger, I bought a new line,
Then I was ready for the cod fish to find;
I arrived at Winters Cove just a-rearing to go,
How fishing was done, the folks there I chose.

I threw my line over and got my first shock,
My new shiny jigger was hooked in a rock;
With my head hung in shame and no pride for to spare,
I borrowed another from a man who was there.

This time I hit 'em, I was jigging like sin,
I was grinning and smiling, and hauling them in;
When I had enough, I headed for home,
Looked down at my finger, it was galled to the bone.

Lost jigger, galled finger was more than I could bear,
Gonna pack up my things and get to hell out of here;
I'm just a land lover and I stick to the shore,
And I'll never go jigging for cod anymore.

####.... Lyrics by Byron "Fiddler" Chaulk [1935-1993] of Pearl River, Labrador ....####
Recorded by The Flummies (This Is The Life For Me, trk#2, 2007 CD, KenaMu Records, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, produced by Tunker Campbell and The Flummies, recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered by Tunker Campbell at Mukluk Studios).

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From The Free Dictionary:
Galled - to become irritated, chafed, or sore by abrasion.

From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Jigger - unbaited, weighted hook(s) used with a line to catch cod (or squid) by giving a sharp, upward jerk.
Sove - saved.

Noted by Kenneth Peacock in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Vol 1, p.139:
The double-hooked cod jigger is not baited, but the fish become curious by the up and down 'sawing' action just the same and may come to 'sniff' it or brush past it with their bodies. It is at this moment that the alert fisherman jerks the line and impales the fish, a fish-by-fish method which is much slower than the large-scale methods of the offshore or bank fishery.

¹This song was originally titled Cod Jiggin' Song to the tune of Old Fashioned Waltz in the key of G for which the Flummies provided GEST with a copy of Fiddler Chaulk's handwritten lyrics dated April 7, 1964.
²Winters Cove is located approximately 200 kms (125 miles) northeast of Goose Bay Labrador near Holton Island 54.6°N 57.37°W.


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