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And also: When You And I Were Young Maggie
(George Washington Johnson)
#1855 YouTube video by quickaccent2006
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I wandered today to the hill, Maggie,
To watch the scene below;
The creaking old mill is still, Maggie,
Where we used to sit long ago.

The green grove is gone from the hill, Maggie,
Where first the daisies sprung;
The creak in the mill is still, Maggie,
Since you and I were young.

I remember the vow that we made, Maggie,
For happier days was we;
When we promised that we'd never part, Maggie,
My love would be always for thee.

But now we are aged and grey, Maggie,
The trials of life nearly done;
Let us sing of the days that are gone, Maggie,
When you and I were young.

Let us sing of the days that are gone, Maggie,
When you and I were young.

####.... Variant of a parlour song written by George Washington Johnson [1839-1917] with music by James Austin Butterfield [1837-1891] ....####
This variant arranged and recorded by Harry Hibbs (A Musical Tour Of Ireland, 1982 LP, trk#11, Fantasia Records and Tapes, Mississauga, ON); and (Bell Island Boy, trk#12, 1995 CD, a special limited edition of 1000 CDs produced by Marty Hibbs to help fund the Harry Hibbs Memorial Park scheduled to open on Bell Island that year).

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