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He stood in a room full of silence,
With no thoughts of fighting back tears,
Brought on by a heart full of memories,
As his mind turned through pages of years;
Over there she looks just as he found her,
With the innocent thoughts of a child,
Her raven black hair to her shoulders,
And the beautiful wisp of a smile.

Softly she spoke when he asked her,
If she would consent for to be,
The friend of a man on occasions,
When his ship brought him back from the sea;
And softly she smiled him her answer,
And loudly his heart beat with joy,
Now there on the wall are the pictures,
Of the happiest times of their lives.

Oh, time, you old maker of blessings,
You've turned all my years into days,
Oh, maker of blessings, I ask you,
Why did you take her away?
Have you just paused for a moment,
To let me consider my loss,
Then tell me you'll give us forever,
When someday the river we cross.

Her love fills the room's every corner,
With the memories of family and home,
Their walks hand in hand by the river,
To the time when their children were grown;
What wonderful years spent together,
Next week would make fifty in all,
But she had to leave him for heaven,
And it breaks his old heart to recall.

Now time, that old maker of blessings,
Had taken his reason to live,
But now in this room full of memories,
He's certain she'd never forgive,
If he failed to remember the good times,
That they'd come to know through the years;
So he knows in his heart he must promise,
Her more than just pity and tears.

Lord, promise you'll give us forever,
When someday the river we cross.

####.... Bud Davidge of Simani ....####
Recorded by Simani (Promises, trk#1, 1994 CD, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

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Note from Bud Davidge to GEST:
This song was written based on a radio interview I heard on CBC - a gentleman had lost his wife in an accident a week before their 50th anniversary. He was asking anyone who knew her before they married to get in touch with him because he wanted to write a tribute to her life. He wanted to make something positive out of her passing rather than just feeling saddened over his loss. It was so touching. I didn't call him to ask questions but just wrote the song from the impressions I got from his story. In talking to him later and members of his family they were delighted and said my thoughts and words were extremely accurate. One of my favorites. ~ Bud


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