All Around Green Island Shore (Gerald S Doyle)
(Around Green Island Shore)
and (All Around Green Island's Shore)

A Generous Proposal
and a Heartless Rejection.

When I first went to Trinity,
in the brave old days of yore,
'Twas there I took a stroll
all around Green Island shore;
'Twas there I met my own true love,
the girl that I adore,
A more handsome little fair maid
I never saw before.

I have as staunch a bully boat
as ever rode the ground,
She can beat anything with sails
from the Horse Chops to the sound;
Besides, I have a big Poole gun,
about five feet barrel or more,
And 'tis for your sake I'll shoulder her,
all around Green Island Shore.

I have a feather bed, a watch,
of a new house I've a frame,
I'll take you home to Robinhood
if you will share my name;
If Billy Hookey seeks to win your heart,
I'll leave him in his gore,
And sail away from Trinity
and the dear Green Island shore.

(To which the maiden replies)
To wed you now, dear Johnny,
would be a poor look out,
You have two very small legs
which scarce carry you about;
Besides, you're not able to stand
the cold of a cold winter's day,
I'd rather wed a weasel, so Johnny, go away.

####.... Author unknown. Original Newfoundland song ....####
This variant was published by Gerald S Doyle in Old-Time Songs And Poetry Of Newfoundland, 1st Ed, p.7, 1927. Titled as All Around Green Island's Shore in subsequent editions: 2nd Ed, p.65, 1940; 3rd Ed, p.9, 1955.

Gerald Doyle noted that "the Green Island referred to here is near Trinity. The Poole gun, feather bed and watch were considered at one time enviable possessions, and a young man owning all three was considered a good match. In this case, however, the owner was out of luck. The song was very popular all over the country, particularly in that section to which it relates."

Also published by permission of Gerald S Doyle as All Around Green Island Shore, #135 on p.272 in Ballads And Sea Songs Of Newfoundland by Elisabeth Bristol Greenleaf and Grace Yarrow Mansfield (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1933; Folklore Associates, Hatboro, PA, 1968).

Also printed in St John's in 1923 as Around Green Island Shore on page 5 of Songs Their Fathers Sung, For Fishermen: Old Time Ditties, published by James Murphy [1867-1931].

A variant was recorded by Omar Blondahl (Newfoundlanders Sing, p.75, 1964).

See more Omar Blondahl songs.

From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Poole Gun - long, muzzle-loading, single barrel gun.


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