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Clarence the caribou was really
only passing through
The tundra land of Newfoundland
when the town got in the way;
The Buchans mine was all closed down,
everybody was leaving town,
They were out of luck, they were out of ore,
and she knew she had to stay.
She had to stay.

And she made them laugh again,
she made them smile again,
She made the whole town of Buchans
pull together again;
I believe it's the first time,
and it may be the last time,
The people share their town with a caribou.

Clarence wandered around the town,
if it was edible it went down,
She nibbled all of the grass,
bread and molasses,
even Mr Pritchard's flowers;
Word spread across the land:
a pet caribou now that's some grand,
Well, the tourists rolled in,
and they brought all their tourist dollars.

The town was laughing again,
ah, they were smiling again,
To heck with the mine,
they were pulling together again!
I believe it's the first time,
and it may be the last time,
The people share their town with a caribou.

Now every story has an end,
and three years after she wandered in,
Well, the call of the wild
took Clarence back to the tundra;
But word has it that come the Spring,
Clarence is gonna come back again,
With the whole dang herd,
now think of them tourist dollars.

They're gonna be laughing again,
they're gonna be smiling again,
The whole town of Buchans
is gonna be rich again!
Clarence may have been the first time,
but just imagine the next time,
I mean a town chock full of caribou,
it's just absurd, a whole herd of caribou.

####.... Wayne Rostad [b.1947] Ottawa, Ontario, member, The Order of Canada, author, entertainer, music publisher, singer, songwriter, storyteller, humourist, radio and televison host, and former program director, CJON Radio & Television Network, Central Newfoundland. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Inspired by his national television show, On The Road Again, and recorded by Wayne Rostad (Storyteller, trk#11, 1995 CD, RTP Productions, produced by Joe Turner and recorded at Isle Of Skye Studios, Nepean, Ontario).

Clarence the caribou wandered into the town of Buchans which is situated on the northwest shore of Red Indian Lake on the Buchans River in central Newfoundland sometime during the spring of 1987. She was befriended by the people and fed by children and adults alike. In return, she entertained the local residents and the tourists who came to see her. She disappeared back to the tundra in the fall of 1989.

Unlike moose and deer, both male and female caribou grow antlers each year, probably accounting for Clarence's name. Antler development is three to six months out of phase between the sexes. For example, male antlers begin developing in March, grow rapidly from May to July, and are completely hardened and out of velvet by mid-September. Following the rut, antlers are shed in early November by older bucks, but may be kept until April by some of the younger ones. Female antlers develop from June to September and are out of velvet by late September. The female antlers are retained throughout the winter. Pregnant cows drop their antlers within days of calving. Barren females shed their antlers before the spring. ~ Paraphrased from information provided by the Government of the Northwest Territories, Division of Natural Resources.


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