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There's an old-fashion cottage
which stands in a square,
For ninety odd years that old cottage stood there;
Surrounded by trees and a fence that is worn,
'Twas the home of my forefathers, there I was born.

You seldom could find a happier lot,
Than our little family that dwelt in the cot;
There was father and mother, sister, brother and I,
Till sickness came on us, and father did die.

Then brother left home for to find work to do,
But where he had gone no one ever knew;
I toiled late and early to furnish our debt,
And I fancy I hear myself pleading there yet.

Spare the old homestead, oh spare it, I pray,
Don't turn out my mother so feeble and gray;
My dear loving sister so sickly and pale,
Auctioneer! Auctioneer!
Won't you please stop the sale?

There was no use in pleading, 'twas of no avail,
The auctioneer still continued to cry on the sale;
And the very first bidder was a man quite unknown,
He paid down the money and purchased our home.

Then mother and sister, with hearts sick and sore,
Prepared to depart from the old cottage door;
When up spoke the stranger
in a voice quite unknown,
Return to your home, I'm your own long lost son!

Oh what rejoicing was there on that day,
When brother embraced my old mother so gray;
And a welcome was made by my sister so pale,
And that put an end to the old cottage sale.
Yes, that put an end to the old cottage sale.

####.... Variant of The Sheriff's Sale, words and music by Barney Mullelly ©1887 Copyright by S Brainard's Sons ....####
This variant arranged and recorded by Fortune Bay Sons (Stay At Home Lad, trk #6, 1986 LP, produced by SWC Productions, English Harbour West, and recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

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