The Ghost Of Bell Isle (Isle Aux Morts Boys)
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I once heard this story, it's many years old,
By an old man it has often been told;
He said it was true, that it was no lie,
It's often been called The Ghost of Bell Isle.

'Twas a long time ago in the spring of the year,
A stranger to all once ventured down there;
He met a fair maiden and he won her heart,
Lover he said he never would part.

Words she believed, she thought he was true,
One morning he left her alone and so blue;
In the morning he left her, he left her with child,
And never returned to the shores of Bell Isle.

She said she would never bring her parents shame,
She and her lover must do some of the blame;
One evening alone she went for a walk,
Her parents they waited but she never came back.

They say in the evening in the month of July,
There's a place on that shore if you're passing by;
You can see a maid walk from the water so cold,
Those who have seen her this story they told.

She walks from the water to sit on the shore,
It's plain to be seen she sat there before;
If you try to approach her or try to get near,
She'll return to the water and just disappear.

Her skin it is fair and her hair it is black,
A white dress she wore, a shawl o'er her back;
Just like the maid who's been missing awhile,
They all say it's her, she's the ghost of Bell Isle!
Yes, they all say it's her, she's the ghost of Bell Isle!

####.... Isle Aux Morts Boys ....####
Recorded by the Isle aux Morts Boys (The Sweetest Of All, trk#3, 1990 cassette, Independent, Isle aux Morts, NL).

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The below video is the same recording by a different YouTuber.

#1982: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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