With Me Gloves In Me 'and
and Me 'at On One Side
(Dick Nolan)
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I once took a part in a drama called Sin,
When a girl with a babe in her arms she walked in;
She said, "You're the daddy of this child," she cried,
"With your gloves in your 'and
and your 'at on one side."

"Sure now you're mistaken, I'm not the b'y's dad,
But that doesn't mean he's not a fine lad;
Still, if he was mine, just as sure as the tide,
He'd have his gloves in his 'and
and his 'at on one side."

A maid she invited me over for tea,
She said that her husband had gone out to sea;
But when he walked in, his eyes opened wide,
I had his wife in me arms and me 'at on one side.

Her old man was drunk, in fact, he was plastered,
We fought a great fight until I was mastered;
He said, "Get out, you," and he threw me outside,
Without me new trousers and me 'at on one side.

Another maid asked me to sail on her yacht,
The breezes were cold but her kisses were not;
She said, "Do you love me?" and oh, how I lied,
With me gloves in me 'and and me 'at on one side!

As we rolled over across that great ocean,
I pulled her right close and then made a motion;
But all that I got for taking that ride,
Was the sea in me gob and me 'at on one side.

At fighting I thought I was quite a show,
So I challenged Joe Lewis to ten rounds or so;
He ups and he hits me and I land on me pride,
With me teeth in me 'and and me 'at on one side.

I heard someone count: "four, five, six, seven."
Then I thought to meself, "I must be in heaven;
With a smack like he gave me,
I'm sure to have died,
I got me 'arp in me 'ands and me 'at on one side.
With me 'arp in me 'ands and me 'at on one side."

####.... Author unknown. Traditional 1930 British variety stage song ....####
Originally recorded in December of 1930 on a 78 LP with the song In The Waxworks Late Last Night on the flip side by Charlie Higgins, one of the most popular British comedians featured on record during the early 1930s. Both recordings have also been re-issued as the first two tracks on All Poshed Up a remastered CD published by Windyridge VAR34.

This variant arranged and recorded by Dick Nolan (Fisherman's Boy, trk#9, 1972 LP, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Ben Weatherby and recorded at Memorial University Of Newfoundland Studios, St John's, NL).

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