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There's a lady on her way,
she's steaming in the bay,
Everyone knows the reason why
there is no need to say;
Anderson is her name,
and hope is what she brings,
She's like an angel from the sky
with healing in her wings.

There used to be a time
before the modern ways,
Good people on these rugged shores
and all around the bays,
Their trust in God was strong,
they leaned upon their own,
And oft times kept the sick alive
with nothing but faith alone.

'Twas here the heroes came,
they did not count the cost,
They ministered to the heart and soul
when it seemed all hope was lost;
For the God who knows all things
sometimes disguised appears,
As ordinary angels bringing
simple love and care.

How many of them came
all over this great place?
From Grenfell on the Labrador
to MacDermott in Fortune Bay;
Fitzgerald in the Albatross
these lines can only touch,
But few but let them signify
all those who gave so much.

There's a lady on her way,
she's steaming in the bay,
The Squires, the Whiteway, Kent
and Bond are following in her wake;
Their mission is all the same,
for hope is what they bring,
Like angels gliding over the waves
with healing in their wings.
Like angels gliding over the waves
with healing in their wings.

####.... Bud Davidge of Simani ©2002 ....####
Recorded by Simani on a compilation album of local Fortune Bay Musicians published by English Harbour West and distributed by the English Harbour West Lions Club to raise funds for a new ambulance in aid of health services in the Fortune Bay North area (Tribute To The Lady Anderson, trk#12, 2002 CD, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL).

Bud Davidge shared a few references in his song lyrics with GEST:
¹ verse 1, line 2: Everyone knows....no need to say ~ the reason was often tuberculosis which was dreaded and feared and needed no discussion or admission.
² verse 1, line 4: But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings. ~ Malachi 4:2.
³ verse 2, line 3; they leaned upon their own ~ every community was fortunate to have someone who acted as a nurse and was the midwife, or could administer aid to the sick in numerous ways when no doctor or nurse was available, which was most of the time.

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General Notes: To provide medical service to even more people, the Commission of Government purchased the MV Lady Anderson in 1935. A converted yacht, this boat was staffed with a doctor and one or more nurses, and provided medical service to the south coast, one of the most isolated regions of Newfoundland. Later, after the Government purchased five small cabin cruisers to handle south coast medical needs, the Lady Anderson was transferred to Placentia Bay, where it stayed in service until 1967. The five medical cabin cruisers (CCs), CC Robert Bond, CC William Carson (later CC Richard Squires to avoid confusion with the new ferry, MV William Carson), CC John Kent, CC William Whiteway , and CC Philip Little were all named for former Newfoundland prime ministers, and were put into service as doctor's boats operating along the south coast between 1950 and 1962. The cabin cruisers carried medical staff to isolated communities to hold onboard clinics. The last cabin cruiser was taken out of service in 1983.

From the Memoirs of Hugh MacDermott - congregationalist minister with some medical training which he used in helping the sick of all denominations. He served the people of Poole's Cove, Fortune Bay, from 1904 to 1934. While there, he and his wife were instrumental in advocating for improvements to health and living conditions. They encouraged residents to weave as a means of supplementing their incomes. The improvements made to the community as a result of Rev. MacDermott's initiative were crucial to bettering the lives of the residents. MacDermott was also instrumental in recommending the service of a 'hospital boat', leading up to the institution of the Lady Anderson in that service.

From Thompson's Beach Municipal Heritage Site and Albatross, the biography of Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald [1847-1933] - medical doctor who originally came to Newfoundland to serve as the doctor for Newman and Company, Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald operated out of St Jacques and later provided his services throughout the south coast of the province in his small schooner, the Albatross. Newman and Company was one of the largest English West Country merchants firms to operate in Newfoundland during the nineteenth century. The firm operated its import and export business in Harbour Breton for over 100 years (c.1790-1907). Newman and Company had a strong presence along the south coast and did business with area fishermen, especially those in Fortune Bay.


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