Sailor's Promise (Fortune Bay Sons) video
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A young sailor lad left Newfoundland,
he sailed so far away,
He left his love heartbroken
though she pleaded him to stay;
With tear-filled eyes she told him
that her heart is for his life,
But he left with a vow he'd return someday
to make her his darling wife.

The young girl's heart grew heavy
as the days went quickly by,
She thought about her true love
as she held her baby boy;
She recalled how he had left that day,
she remembered that final kiss,
With tear-stained cheeks she called his name
and yearned for his caress.

The years had passed since
he sailed away upon the ocean blue,
She began to realize just how
her dreams might not come true;
Her dream of spending all her life
with her loved one now was gone,
She hoped and prayed he'd return someday
to see his only son.

As she one day lay crying out,
a knock came on the door,
It was her love returned at last,
to sea he'd sail no more;
He kissed her lips and embraced his son
and held them by his side,
She knew her prayers were answered
when he said, "You'll be my bride.
Yes, now I'll stay and love you both
until the end of time."

####.... Wince Keeping of Fortune Bay Sons ....####
Recorded by Fortune Bay Sons [1974-1994] (Stay At Home Lad, trk#2, 1986 LP, recorded at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL, and produced by SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL).

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