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A boat she left Sambro with a captain and crew,
To fish east of Sable, she was the Bonnie Lou II;
The boat she was old, and the men they were new,
Were trying to make a living
aboard the Bonnie Lou II;
The seas they were rough,
the men they knew what to do,
We'll wait out the storm on the Bonnie Lou II.

Come Tuesday evening the waves they were high,
They worked 'round the hour on the sea to survive;
If only they knew what they had to go through,
A-watching and a-waiting aboard the Bonnie Lou II.

Next day on the ocean a boat it did call,
There wasn't an answer, only strings of their trawl;
The boat it was missing the captain and crew,
A-searching and a-watching for the Bonnie Lou II.

Back home in the village the hope it ran high,
We knew they were out there, we didn't know why;
The families are waiting for word
to carry them through,
For three men and two brothers
aboard the Bonnie Lou II.

As news casts kept coming,
hopes were fading away,
Debris and a life raft were spotted each day;
The families still waiting,
they didn't know what to do,
Oh, where are our men from the Bonnie Lou II?
The search it was over and we haven't a clue,
Why God took our brothers on the Bonnie Lou II.

This time is for crying for men who have died,
As the wreaths float out to the sea with the tide;
We have to start over our life to renew,
The men are fishing in heaven
from the Bonnie Lou II.
We have to start over our life to renew,
The men are fishing in heaven
from the Bonnie Lou II.
The men are fishing in heaven
from the Bonnie Lou II.

####.... Rita Clark and Joyce Henneberry ....####
Joyce Henneberry has lived her whole life in Sambro, Nova Scotia. She knew the men killed on the Bonnie Lou II. Shortly after the wreck, a friend and poet, Rita Clark, asked her to compose music for a poem she had written in commemoration of the Bonnie Lou's crew. Joyce Henneberry first performed the song at a benefit concert within weeks of the shipwreck. In 2008, she and her band, From The Heart, recorded this song as part of a tribute CD to a friend who had died. To date, the CD has raised more than $21,000 for various charitable organizations.

From Cape Breton University Heritage & Culture - Maritime Disasters:
Bonnie Lou II - older fishing vessel which attempted to remain out in a storm in March, 1988, near Sambro, Nova Scotia. The storm destroyed the ship, killing all five crew members, including two brothers.

This variant is from a recording by the Isle aux Morts Boys (Isle aux Morts #3, Independent

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