The Fisherman (C E Hunt, MHA)

He clasps his wife in fond embrace
as he wishes her good-bye;
And a kiss to each of his children gives,
but a tear is in his eye,
For he's leaving a home that is dear to him
and is going far away,
    To fish for cod near the rocky shore
    Of weather-beaten Labrador,
For many a long, long day.

His ship is ready to leave the port
and is manned by a hardy crew
Who will fight the roaring winds and tides
as they've long been used to do;
A sailor's life is a life of toil,
but little does he dread;
    The winter will soon be here again,
    And it's out afar on the angry main,
That he earns his daily bread.

The good ship sails from the harbor snug
and the dear ones left behind;
Far out of sight they soon will be,
but never out of mind;
The sweetheart longs for her sailor boy;
the mother for her son;
    The children for their father yearn
    And pray to God for a safe return,
When the summer's work is done.

Through many a storm the good ship goes
and many and anxious night
Is spent on deck by the gallant crew
when the storm is at its height;
Then many a noble deed is done
and when it's done, that's all;
    He does not look for a medal bright
    Nor seek some gifted pen to write
What he did at duty's call.

The summer is drawing t'wards its close
and short the days become;
The skipper knows that the fish below
will fetch a goodly sum;
And on bended knee he thanks the God
who has heard his anxious prayer;
    For the wolf oft knocks at the fisher's door,
    When the catch is bad and the price is poor;
But now he need not fear.

Now as the good ship enters port
he stands on deck once more;
And the children glad, with dancing eyes,
wave to him from the shore;
How gay his laugh and how bright his face
as they slowly walk the lane,
    Safe with those that he loves at last;
    Trouble and care to the winds are cast,
When father's home again!

####.... C E Hunt, MHA ....####
Printed in St John's in 1923 on pp.16-17 of Songs Their Fathers Sung, For Fishermen: Old Time Ditties, published by James Murphy [1867-1931].

Some facts about Charles Edward Hunt, Esq [1885-1954], former Member of the House of Assembly (MHA), KC and QC:
Married Signe Augustine Lindal of Grand Falls in Whitbourne, NL, June, 1921. One of Newfoundland's most prominent barristers; solicitor for the International Power and Paper Co, Ltd; and a Director of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation Ltd. Elected member of the 25th General Assembly of Newfoundland on 3 May, 1923, representing the Liberal-Labour-Progressive party as a member of the opposition for St John's West, but was defeated in 1924. He was appointed to the Board Of Directors of the Church Of England College in 1928. Appointed in 1935 to the Board of Governors of Memorial University College and retired after a three year term on the Board in December of 1938. Past International Director of Rotary. Honorary solicitor for the St John's Regatta (?1935-1954). Passed away at his residence, 32 Circular Road, St John's, on July 27, 1954.

From Cricket Newfoundland And Labrador:
Cricket at Bishop Feild - Bishop Feild College was an important force in cricket in St John's around the end of the 19th-century and beginning of the 20th. Interschool cricket was an important part of the calendar, and the former students team was prominent in the St John's league. The Digital archives at Memorial University has copies of the school magazine on-line, from which this article was transcribed - (1954-1955) Death brought an end on July 27 to the prolonged sufferings of Charles Edward Hunt, Companion of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), QC, and closed the career of one of the greatest and most beloved Old Feildians. He was in his 69th year. At the College he was a brilliant scholar and athlete, active in track, football and cricket - the last being his favourite sport; and he carried on his interest in football and particularly cricket during his years as a member of the Old Feildian Club.

From Wikipedia:
Queen and King's Counsel - Queen's Counsel (QC), known as King's Counsel (KC) during the reign of a male sovereign, are lawyers appointed by letters patent to be one of Her [or His] Majesty's Counsel learned in the law. Membership exists in various Commonwealth jurisdictions around the world, while in some other jurisdictions the name has been replaced by one without monarchical connotations, such as "Senior Counsel" or "Senior Advocate". Queen's Counsel is a status, conferred by the Crown, that is recognised by courts. Members have the privilege of sitting within the Bar of court. As members wear silk gowns of a particular design, the award of Queen's or King's Counsel is known informally as taking silk; hence QCs are often colloquially called silks. Appointments are made from within the legal profession on the basis of merit rather than a particular level of experience. However, successful applicants tend to be barristers, or (in Scotland) advocates, or solicitor advocates with 15 years' experience or more.


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